Bill Peach Journeys

For over 35 Years, Bill Peach Journeys have created and perfected the art of touring in New Zealand, as it has never been attempted before. Our luxury tours range from superb land journeys that intimately explore a destination to private aircraft journeys throughout the North & South Islands. The private aircraft journeys give travellers a unique perspective over the glaciers, volcanoes and crystalline lakes of this remarkable land. On land, luxury hotels and fresh local cuisine complete the experience.

When you travel on any escorted group with Bill Peach Journeys many things are made simple – there’s no baggage handling to worry about, and all journeys are fully inclusive of all meals, accommodation and a Journey Director throughout.

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Suite 4.04B, 1753 Botany Rd, Banksmeadow, Auckland, 2019
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Bill Peach Journeys