Boutique Liquor tasting room, Whitford

Groups are always welcome at Prenzel of Whitford and it is a most beautiful area to visit with small café’s and places to see.

Visitors are always greeted and offered a liqueur taster and introduced to the Prenzel taste sensations that are on offer. Most often we will tell the Prenzel story and enlighten everyone to the brand as well as our other items there for tasting.

All sorts of delicious goodies will be available for your group to taste - both alcohol and culinary products and we can guarantee that a good time will be had by all.
If you are planning on bringing a group to visit, please contact us ahead of time to let us know arrival time and the number of people in your group.

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7 Whitford Wharf Road, Howick, Manukau, 2571
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Boutique Liquor tasting room, Whitford