Spookers for Kids - Taste of Terror

Strictly for 8 years.

This is a tour of the Spookers Haunted House with 1 in character tour guide, plus a self-guided tour of Disturbia in 3D. There are no other actors. The tour consists of some scares, along with a behind the scenes tour, where you might learn some of the secrets of the Spookers experience.

We use experienced scare actors who are able to change the level of scares and frights to suit the age of the victims. Older children will definitely love the experience too!

We are very aware that adults are able to rationalize what is happening, but children are more at risk of not understanding where real ends and make-believe begins. We have no interest in traumatizing children but appreciate that many of you would like to bring your children for a tour through Spookers.

Be warned that there is some fairly graphic gore in several of the rooms. The tour guide will make every attempt to vary the tour to suit the participant's tolerance level, but we cannot guarantee that every child will cope well. Please use your discretion.

Disturbia: During the day you and your children will experience the crazy 3-dimensional artwork, lighting effects and unbelievable vortex tunnel, but without the actors that prowl the clown infested hallways during the R16 shows.

Book a birthday party in Spookers Banquet Room to have an extra special day. See website for details.

"Hi there, I just wanted to say a huge thank you! My daughter had the best time of her life today with her friends and "Old Man Joe", you guys put on such an awesome day for her I can't express my gratitude enough, it's now nearly midnight and I can't get the kids to sleep. They just will not shut up, they are going on and on about how much they enjoyed themselves!"

"I can't believe how cheap it was for all that we got, the atmosphere was great and it was catered for a wide range of ages, my daughter turned 10, but I had kids aged 9 through to 13 and they all loved it!"

"I would definitely recommend Spookers to all out there who want to have fun, be treated with respect, get your money's worth and make some excellent memories!"

"My gosh you guys rock and thank you "Old Man Joe" for the lovely compliment you made in regards to our group, you were superb and there needs to be more people like you out there that actually enjoy having fun with the kids, and getting them into the spirit of things while actually helping them learn!"

"I can't say enough about you guys, keep up the awesome work guys you should all be commended! (Oh and yes, I have another group coming in 3 weeks, to the R16) and since I have been so many times I can't wait because it is never the same!"

Spookers, Karaka, Auckland
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All Ages
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Spookers for Kids - Taste of Terror