Huia Road Horse Club Childrens Pony Rides Invitation

Greetings from Huia Rd Horse Club!

On the first Sunday of every month between 3 pm - 4 pm (weather permitting), the Huia Rd Horse Club hosts children's pony rides at 436 B Huia Rd, Owens-Green.

Children may choose from a variety of horses and pony's to ride, depending on their age, size, confidence and ability.

Parents and caregivers may walk alongside their children during the horse owner-led ride, which enjoys a gentle pace inside a large industry-scale secure riding arena.

Children mount the horses via a stepped platform and are assisted in both the mount and dismount by an adult or by their parents/caregivers.

After the ride, children and their families may visit other horses in their paddocks, and observe other activities related to horse grooming and care.

Rides are just $5.00 per child (1 x around a large arena, & helmet hire is included).

Please collect a ticket at the Huia Road Horse Club Office (located just up from the on-site riding arena).

Club membership and grazing opportunities are also available at Huia Road Horse Club - enquiries are welcome.

Huia Road Horse Club, Huia, Auckland
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Huia Road Horse Club Childrens Pony Rides Invitation