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3 weeks ago

I’ve been eating a few almond croissants over Christmas and no place can beat Amano Bakery’s almond croissant (Best $4.50 spent today). It is crisp on the outside and moist and sticky in the inside. It has a fair amount of almond flakes on the top. You can tell it is made fresh as other almond croissants that have been left out for a while look flat and become overly sticky or even soggy in the inside as the layers get stuck to each other. The place is busy every morning when I pass by on my way to work but people behind the counter are cheerful and friendly.

4 weeks ago

This place is to die for. I’ve gotten all kinds of desserts and juices from this place and there hasn’t been one time where I didn’t absolutely love what I got. The desserts are never too sweet, you can actually taste the flavour of whatever thing you got (unlike some places where it’s just straight sugar and flour), the juices are freshly squeezed and so delicious. I haven’t tried the bread but I’ve got friends who exclusively go here to buy their bread, so it’s a safe bet to assume the bread is also amazing.

1 month ago

Amano... no way. France on Steriods. France done NZ style. We couldn’t stop going back for more. That croissant- that plain one. Oh MY. The almond one.... ah. The cube croissant. 🙏🏽 I passed through Amano on my way to the airport and brought my mom a croissant back, all the way to Namibia. That’s how good it is. Yes.

Amano Bakery, Auckland CBD
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Amano Bakery, Auckland CBD