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10 months ago

Love the variety of flavours at this place, great delivery service and very fresh. Hoping to try the red velvet next time, Will be back again! Thanks :)

10 months ago

The most delicious cupcakes with surprises in the centre of each of them. The cupcakes are beautifully decorated and presented, this is my favourite place for cupcakes!

11 months ago

Thank you for the good quality cupcakes and coffee. However, I understand when only one person busy at the front making coffees I can wait patiently til the staff is free. But it wouldve been better if the staff said "hi how are you? I will be with you shortly" first instead of just looked at me and not say anything to me. I also understand maybe sometimes the store cant make just one or two of the flavours just for customers preorders but it couldve been better if the staff letting me know at the beginning when I went in and pick up my order( I ordered 2 days ago). I wasnt going to check my order coz all the good feedbacks online but then I saw one cupcake in the box that I was sure I didnt order it so I asked while I was waiting for my coffee. then the staff said they didnt make the flavour I ordered online so they gave me another flavour instead which I was all good about it. But then I went home and found another 2 cupcakes that we really wanted to try were replaced by another flavours. I personally think its better to inform me first that some of the flavours I ordered were replaced by other flavours and maybe give me a choice to see if I still want them or get other flavours. Although we werent very happy about what we got was not completely what we ordered and not being told properly. but the quality of cupcakes were nice and fresh. Thank you

Bondie Designer Cupcakes, Rosedale
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9/56 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland
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Bondie Designer Cupcakes, Rosedale