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9 months ago

I came here the other night at around 6pm and all the breads had pretty much sold out.  I saw that they were advertising something similar to lava cake but for mooncakes and wanted to try them.  There weren't that many left and were absolutely the tinest mooncakes I've ever seen ($8.50 for one bite sized mooncake) but we thought it would be fun gifts for the family. They tasted like custard filled mooncake - the filling wasn't nearly as runny as I had hoped - probably wouldn't get this again. However, we got the Green tea puffs - which were $10 a box but SO worth it. They looked like little polo buns but with matcha cookie on top. I also got the cheese tart - which was $2.80. It tasted like a cheesecake with custard on the bottom. Would definitely get this again. Overall, pricier than your general Chinese bakery BUT certain things are definitely worth paying that little bit extra for. Next time I really want to try some of their little mousse cakes in the fridge cabinet - there were ones that looked like realistic corn cobs and pears.

11 months ago

Usually, the items here are quite delicious. However, this taro bread that we got yesterday lacked so much filling. I couldn’t taste or see much taro filling. It was almost like eating plain bread. Almost. That being said, I definitely will return as the amazing products I’ve had here outweigh this experience.

Cake4U, Rosedale
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Cake4U, Rosedale