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2 weeks ago

Amazing Father’s Day lunch today; been half a dozen times before but not for a few years and service still great; food amazing; didn’t like the new garlic bread from the one they used to have; pumpkin seeds and pine nuts on top we’re not required and definitely needed a nice Morrish dip on the side; hot bread always goes well with nice dips; other than that my parents had a great first experience and would love to do dinner there sometime; thanks again for a great lunch all in all 😊

4 weeks ago

Went to dinner on the 10th of August with my companion. Place was in full swing. Got seated right next to a fireplace which was a plus as it was a tad cold on that night. The waitresses were very attentive and lovely. For starters, I originally wanted to get the chowder but they ran out so we got scallops and mussels instead. Scallops were off the charts delicious. The mussels were on the salty side for us but overall impressed with the portion and the flavors. For main, we got the small rigatoni and the steak with parsnip & carrot mash. The pasta was a major let down as it seems like it wasn't packed with flavors other than the tomato sauce which to me was extremely acidic. I didn't even finish the bowl. The steak was lovely but small. Cooked just right. The mash was more carrots than parsnips. The star of the dish was the mushroom sauce. Beautiful, beautiful sauce. Overall, our night was lovely. Atmosphere was bustling but relaxed at the same time. Unfortunately the food was not up to par for us. Thank you anyways for the lovely service.

1 month ago

We came here for a first table booking at 10:30am on a Sunday. Upon arrival we explained to the waitress that we were first table and asked if we could sit upstairs which she said was fine. When we went to pay for the bill the owner asked us why we were sitting there if we were on a first table booking and said he could not give us the discount that we were entitled to as first table patrons because we sat at the wrong table... We didn't know that there were allocated tables as the waitress did not communicate this to us. He then asked the waitress in front of us if we were lying, she looked incredibly uncomfortable. He then continued to argue with us despite having no valid grounds. Eventually he gave us the first table discount. Worst dining experience I've ever had, he was incredibly intimidating and left us in absolute shock after the encounter. Would never come back.

Basalt, Howick
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127 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland
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Basalt, Howick