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2 weeks ago

Best place to get Belgian waffles in Auckland! They have really soft, delicious gelato made at the store too! My favourite waffle has to be the Double Chocolate Waffle. Nice and crispy waffles with rich chocolate icecream & syrup.

1 month ago

New owners are making some great food and delivering great service! The waffle speaks for itself and my baby brother was mesmerised. The actual waffle itself was perfectly done too. My partner had the bacon Benedict and it was humongous... the picture doesn’t give it justice. Probably one of the tastiest bennies I’ve had in a long while.

2 months ago

My family had a break time here. Good points : They offered some water and asked if we want it cold or warm. The taste of gelato. The wheel outside + the door to the outdoor area. Not good points: The table was not clean, had some crumbs + sticky all over (Only 2 tables were taken and not busy that time). The Unfriendly lonely looking cabinet which doesn't show the price of items in it. The cones for gelato were not crispy crunchy, felt like they had been stored away in a poor management in the wet weather. A scoop of gelato was not generous amount. The coffee didn't taste good. One of my family member who is a coffee lover and hardly leave anything on the table couldn't finish it 😧 The cheesecake was ... I quickly ran down to another cafe a few shops down the street to get the most gorgeous cheesecake with some beautiful blueberry sauce and had it take away to cover the dissapointment just before 😬

Ben Gusto, Howick
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21 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland 2014
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Ben Gusto, Howick