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I didn't really enjoy my food. The staff introduced me a peanut banana smoothie, she told me it's absolutely delicious, so I tried but disappointed, I had some way better ones at other places. I had "market fish with 60 mins eggs", it was bad, I don't know if I ordered the wrong food but this cafe is very average.

Great new find that has friendly staff and serves delicious food. Most things on the menu consisted of your basic cafe food with an odd but pleasant twist. I ordered the kumara pancakes with meringue and apple and a berry puree... Yum!! The whole family were very happy with our lunch and will definitely be back!

Went there early saturday morning- ordered a tomato herb scone which was very flavoursome, coffees and the avo smash on sourdough. We did not want the tofu or beetroot and asked if we could just have tomato instead. And they were more than happy to do it. It was a pleasant honey dish, arriving reasonably quickly. Serive was great. Coffee not to our liking though. A good place for a quick hassle free bite.

Came here for breakfast with my mum and sister this morning and had a lovely meal. I ordered the whitebait tacos, my mum the kumera pancakes and my sister the bacon and eggs. Everyone was very pleased with their meal apart from the fact that the pancakes were a bit too sweet and the tacos lacked a little in quantity. We also received quality customer service and they serve great smoothies and coffees too! We will definitely be coming back and bringing along dad and the dog!!

Excellent service and friendly staff. I loved their delicious brownie (you must try it!!) and coffee definitely recommended and will be back

I don't know why this cafe has such high ratings 😳 The coffee was good. Tables were dirty and really old plants sitting in gross water that was disgusting and I had to ask one of the staff to remove it as it stank 😖 They ran out of salmon and it was not even 10am. I ordered something else and all I got was a soggy bread, fatty bacon and a bland sausage. I wouldn't ever go back to this cafe. Waste of money

All the staff are super warm and welcoming, such great service. I ordered the green eggs and hammock and absolutely loved it enjoyed every bit of it eggs were perfectly poached, potatoes and salsa verde were perfectly tender infused with a lovely pesto flavour. Will definitely be coming back to try other meals from the menu.

I consider myself a coffee enthusiast and love discovering cafes that offer more than just the traditional espresso coffee. A venture from David Huang and Kayoko Nakamura, both formerly at Espresso Workshop and in Albany since 2014, Black and Gold has been celebrated for its impressive alternative brew techniques including V60 drip and cold brew. It’s been on my radar, but it’s Rosedale location meant that it took me till now to visit.

Food Ordered: Bacon + Eggs Grilled Salmon Iced Coffee (x2) Bill: $46.50 Big tummy: One of my friends absolutely loves this place, so even though I'm not usually a fan of cafes (I tend to see them as over-priced bakeries with 1/10th of the selection), I let myself get dragged here for lunch. This visit didn't exactly change that perception - the number of available items on the menu barely breaks into the double-digits and, as expected, carries those cafe-esque prices. Although, in fairness, the quality of the food at B&G does justify the price somewhat. Usually I can't help but cringe at paying too much for bacon & eggs, as I'm all too aware of what I can cook myself with the same budget - especially when the quality doesn't even meet what I can make at home. That's where B&G pleasantly surprised me - yes, they charge $16 for bacon + eggs, so I expected something great (possibly with fireworks) to justify the price - but they actually delivered.  The food was cooked and seasoned to perfection and they didn't serve stingy portions - you could actually see and taste (the fireworks came in the form of taste I guess) why they charge such prices. In all honesty, I couldn't fault the food - it was spot on. However, the limited selection does mean that I would be unlikely to return, as there just isn't any other reason for me to come back (I struggled to decide on something to begin with, let alone finding a second item). A brilliant one-off experience - but it's just not enough (literally) to keep you coming back. Little tummy: I tend to struggle on deciding what to order with menus that are too big, so the minimalistic menu at B&G kinda worked for me. With a limited selection,  I opted for my usual go-to in the grilled salmon option. As for the dish, the salmon itself was cooked to perfection, with the stock and seasoning complimenting it superbly. The noodles were a bit of a miss for me though - I just felt that they didn't really fit with the dish and I found them to be a bit too salty as well. The staff were incredibly friendly and the service was prompt - although we were left sitting with no cutlery for a while after our food had been served (the cutlery holder on our table was empty).  All in all, there was enough for me to understand why our friend loves this place - but at the end of the day, I'd probably have to agree with my bf, in that there isn't quite enough to warrant me coming back. I tried the one dish they offer that I usually like and they weren't quite able to hit it out of the park.

The atmosphere in this cafe is very calming. Their interior design is subtle but stands out. If you are a coffee lover you have to try their coffees! One of the best coffee shops on the north shore. After you finish your cup there's a message at the bottom which is such a cute twist. Their meal portions are also decently sized and very tasty. Staff was super friendly and service was relatively quick. Me and my partner ordered a brekkie just right and the garlic field mushrooms. Both were perfect

I had a wonderful breakfast with my friend.  The staff were really friendly and the food very tasty.  I had the french toast which was full of flavor and not too sweet.  I really enjoyed being able to get filter coffee and even a free refill.  I look forward to having another opportunity to go back and will definitely recommend it to coworkers and friends.

Wasn't a big fan of this place. I had the smash avocado and it just tasted weird to me. The bread was soggy and the dukkah was grainy. Nothing else on the menu really appealed to me, so I wouldn't be bothered to come back.

Very impressed with my visit to black and gold, as always. The coffee was excellent; great texture, hot cup, good temperature, amazing latté art. So good I ordered another. The food was also great. We ordered the French toast and eggs Benedict. We were both very impressed with the presentation. Eggs bene was fantastic. I personally didn't really like the French toast, however someone else would love it! Will be back for sure. Good job ?

This place is lovely. V cool inside, the friendliest staff and really great food. We had coffees, two of the big breakfasts, and scrambled eggs on toast with a side of halluomi (because cheese). Coffee was perfect, food was excellent, I think the bread comes from wild wheat- we had sourdough which was tangy with a chewy crust, just delicious. We had quite a long wait because of a huge group, however staff let us know upfront and were very apologetic and checked on us. Worth the wait! Cabinet food looked amazing, and there was a video about latte art projected on the wall. I really like their lights and decor, kind of industrial/botanical/steampunky but not in an obnoxious way. Will be back!

Having moved office to Rosedale, Black and Gold was on the top of my list to try amongst the (few) local cafes. The first attempt was not great due to a pretty awful dairy free chocolate cake. But, due to lack of other options I went back for lunch (I don't think you can judge a cafe just on...

This has now become our local cafe with excellent, attentive and friendly staff, great food and great coffee. The atmosphere is welcoming and refreshing music.

Avo Mame- Very Plain, some flavours clashed. Iced Chocolate- Tasted like milo and was watery The experience was average and I don't think I will be going back.

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Black and Gold - Coffee - Eatery, Rosedale