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Stunning place amazing wine Devine food great service beautiful set up great menu honestly can't fault it one bit. Can't wait to go back and try out the rest of the menu. Keep up the great work guys 😊

I visited in a Friday afternoon so the eatery wasn't too loud and busy. The decor and building was so beautiful with Turkish asthetics everywhere - great for a weeding venue. The Food - the cake and coffee came about 5-7 minutes after ordering. Great hot chocolate and flat white with a good hot temperature. Followed not long after was my potato rosti. Very well presented and my poached eggs were cooked on point (nice and runny) however my mum's food still hadn't arrived and I was half way through my plate. She went to the counter and found out the waitress had forgotten her order. Not to worry, the waitress came over and personally apologized and my mum's food was ordered quickly afterwards - she only got curly fries which were served with a decent size bowl or tomato sauce and aioli. Overall this was a nice spot and I will definitely like to come back in the evening and try their cocktails!

Nice place it looks like it's always busy. We sat down for breakfast and ordered eggs on hash and it came out in 3mins after we ordered it was like they had it already waiting. Food is slightly more expensive than average but it was tasty. Wouldn't make the journey to come back though.

Awesome brunches every time and I love the in-house coffee roasting. I had the haloumi bene which was just amazing. Can't go past the French toast either.

My first time here - I literally can't fault these guys. A gorgeous diner in the lush suburb of Titirangi. The decor is like a modern twist on traditional Turkish furnishings - aesthetically pleasing to say the least. The service was awesome the entire team from the front of house, the waitresses, the barista & even the manager himself were so polite & well mannered, and although it was a slightly busy morning they were never without a smile and just appeared so composed. Our order came out super quick, the food tasted just as good as it looked on the plate, LOVED the crepes & the Whittaker's hot chocolate! The Turkish delight was a nice touch ;) I think I may have found my new favourite breaky spot.

We came a long way to try out the food and have to say the drive was definitely worth it! The decor was beautiful, the food amazing and the staff and the service we got were just wonderful!

Good ambience and well spaced out place. Food is not that great. Ordered for the beef & chicken tajine; super repetitive with components. A very boring dips selection.

Interesting place, mediterranean inspired menu. Food was good, fresh clean. My photo isn't that good but this was hash cake, salmon, concoction.

Came here for dinner with my partner for a special occasion. Heard about this place on urbanlist so wanted to have a try. The restaurant was beautiful with neatly set tables and stunning decorations. There were quite a few tables free and we sat at the comfy chairs with cushions. However next to a large table which was very noisy and we were seated right under speakers. The rest of the restaurant looked much more chilled and pleasant. Our waitress was so nice and took our order promptly. We ordered the lamb, meatballs and chowder and dont have a fault! We would have ordered desserts however it was so loud I couldn't hear my partner talk the whole night so we had to leave and get dessert else where. Overall enjoyable night.

staff were very welcoming. food was great. coffee was amazing. I love everything about the place. mades us feel like we are somewhere in europe.

Had heard mixed reviews about Deco, but we really enjoyed our visit & didn't have any of the issues that some other reviews have mentioned. Our waitress was friendly efficient & knowledgeable of the menu. We rang & booked a few days beforehand to ensure we got a table as they are very busy on weekends & particularly when there is a market on. It was a wise choice although they have a large restaurant & did have some available seats. We were seated overlooking the bush which was nice. The menu has lots of Turkish inspired dishes - we chose the soup & chicken salad. I'd heard lots about the chips as well & they were well worth ordering. Coffees were well made. Cutlery & crockery were beautiful There are lots of sweet treats available but we were full. Will visit again when we are next in the area

Cool Mediterranean decor, very spacious & light. Ordered the Eggs Benny & Oatmeal. Both really tasty but was a bit random when the waitress asked if we wanted a side of fries 😂 the bf couldn't resist though.

Lovely ambience, very simple, soothing and visually pleasant which is definitely the high point of this place. I'd use the same adjectives to describe the staff .. service at the table was very average, but the girl was certainly nice, as was the chap at the till.  The cocktails we tried were not to my taste. I liked the look and style of the menu but the food itself was average and I was a little disappointed as I really wanted to like this place. Not sure I'd make plans to visit again but I'd certainly drop in if I was passing. Seemed like a nice atmosphere to meet and converse with friends.

Yummy!This is a great treat full of goodness,everything is so tasty! Need to try it out if you haven't! And we'll your there go downstairs to te uru art gallery!

Such an exceptional place with an interior that speaks modern Mediterranean. Nice furnished furniture, with blue paving. The food was perfect, fresh and just the right amount of flavours. Their ice coffee was delicious one if the best I've had so far. Not too watery had full coffee flavour how I like it. The service was outstanding! Our waitress was polite and attentive. Deco is a great place to go for brunch. With their outstanding menu it is hard to choose from.

I was looking forward to trying this place as it has one of the higher ratings on Zomato in Titirangi. It was super busy, however there were still quite a few empty tables so we took a seat, then a man came up to us and asked if we had a booking, which we didn't. He then said the table was reserved which I found really odd, usually reservations are just for dinner?? Not a cafe.. then we waited and he took us to the other empty table right next to the one we originally sat down at. A strange experience to start with.. We both ordered the potato Rosti with poached eggs, bacon, tomato and hollandaise. It was underwhelming and I wish I had ordered something different as I've just read through the reviews and a few others have also noted that this dish is bland and flavourless. The rosti was super bland! It was crunchy but just no flavour whatsoever?! Not even salt. The bacon wasn't crispy at all. The hollandaise was nice but far too much of it on my plate, it ended up tasting too rich and creamy. I didn't enjoy this dish at all. On a positive note our food came out quickly and I love the Turkish, Greek decor. Id like to come back and give this place a second chance. But first experience wasn't great.

I paid $29 for Lamb that was chewy and dry! My partners meal was just as bad and Service was terrible! When asking for alcohol the waitress told me that you have to buy a full sized main meal in order to purchase alcohol. Not worth it at all

Our favorite eatery as of February 2017! Incredibly put together restaurant. Only if I could show photos of the inside. Decor is very Mediterranean. Everything has a lot of detail including the food. Unfortunately during cyclone Debbie their mezzanine bursts leaks i the middle of the service so hopefully its been tended to.

came in here the other day and ended up feasting like a king! for my main dish i decided on the crepes, which were not only presented beautifully but had authentic buttery flavor! my sister and i also caved in and ordered a side of fries that were rustic and golden. to wash this all down i got a generously sized mocha bowl (go hard or go home right?) and, as usual, was delighted by its deep richness! how lucky am i to be able to call this place my local y'all!!

Love the overall Turkish design and feel of the place. Ambience is really nice. The staff are very nice and friendly to deal with. Would suggest to make reservations or bookings prior to avoid the wait. The eggs bene was really good and their wines are good too. I was kind of expecting for them to have a lunch menu though as what I have seen on their website. I guess I'll have to come back for dinner to try other food they serve aside from their breakfast menu.

I've been to Deco a twice now and both times I have been disappointed. The service the first time was awful, however, I decided to give them another go. I went for lunch with a friend and found it really hard to find something on the menu. I'm vegetarian (with a small list of other requirements that are beyond my control) and while the menu says that they would be 'delighted' to adapt their dishes, I found that this was not the case at all. My friend had the chicken wrap. The first time that they brought the wraps to the table, they brought a lamb and a falafel. Then we noticed that the plates had half a lamb wrap and half a falafel wrap on the same plate. Quite clear that they don't take as much care in the kitchen as they could (it was not busy). $17.50 for a falafel wrap was also a little overpriced for what it was too.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated. The salmon and meatball was tender and well balance in taste and texture. The host Jerod was amazing, friendly, courteous, warm yet professional. Highly recommended.

A lovely vintage art deco building and a mediterranean-inspired interior houses this charming cafe. The salmon eggs Benedict I had for brunch was lush and delicious. And the coffee was excellent! The staff was friendly and accommodating. I will definitely be back for more.

Went to Deco with family today and it was fantastic. We rang ahead and booked  a table knowing that our guests would be tired after a long haul flight and we were giving a comfy spot against the Manukau Harbour side of the building. We ordered coffees, french toast, the daily special (that was a kind of scrambled egg taco) and a simple bacon and eggs. All the serves were generous and the wait staff were efficient and professional and always seemed happy to help. The coffees were excellent and presented beautifully and the in-laws were impressed with their first meal in New Zealand. The prices were standard for Auckland and good value for the size of the meals. Such a pretty space and example of good hospitality, Deco should be a benchmark for casual eateries in Auckland. We will definitely be back

Beautifully presented both inside and out, we had such a lovely experience here. The Mezze platter with crayfish was an absolute delight and we enjoyed all of it, it was just enough for a table of 4 to nibble on. For my main I had the watermelon salad which was sufficient after the platter but probably not enough for someone having this on its own. It was full of flavour and admittedly it took me a while to get used to as the watermelon salad I make at home is more bland with only watermelon, cucumber and feta used. My only preference would be to not have the olive base that was used, perhaps a tzatziki one? I wonder if I could request that next time :-) Great staff, great decor, comfortable seats lovely ambience and superior wait staff. We'd be more than happy to come back!

My partner and I came here for breakfast. I ordered the Free-range Eggs and Bacon, feta & thyme parfait, grilled tomato, mixed grain toast @ $16.50 and a whittakers hot chocolate (dark) @ $6.00. The hot chocolate was fantastic! A stunning 5/5. My waitress however did not ask how Id like my eggs cooked so I was not given the option to choose. I was given poached eggs (i would have preferred scrambled myself). My breakfast was two slices of toasted grain bread, 2 poached eggs, grilled tomatoes and a few rashes of bacon. Firstly my breakfast was cold. The tomatoes were luke warm, egg yolks were barely warm, toast and bacon cold. My rashes had also been cooked in a clump so the top sides and bottom sides cooked and crispy. However when separated the inside rashes were cold-ham like flesh. Flavours were overall good. But I was disappointed in eating a cold breakfast when we had come on a cold weekend to eat a hot breakfast. For that meal (on the plate) I would have paid $15.00 max. Considering it was cold, i would have expected a refund. My partner ordered the mango smoothie @ $8.00 and the Crispy Potato Rosti, poached eggs, hollandaise, with bacon @ $19.00, 1x side of mushrooms @ $7.00 and 1x side of hand-cut chips also @ $7.00. The smoothie was bland and well over-priced (it tasted like the pre-frozen smoothie blocks Subway blends up and serves). The breakfast was 2 rosti with a poched egg and holandaise sauce on each and a few bacon rashes. My partners breakfast was luke warm, the bacon half-cooked like mine and also cold.(My partner felt the rosti tasted plain) it was very over-priced. His mushrooms were barely warm, and the fries hot! He felt the fries were the best dish of our meal. We notified the waitress and she discounted our meal $6.60. We paid $58.00, this price was far too great for standard flavours (nothing spectacular) and a the meal was cold (POOR Service). In summary the breakfast is terribly overpriced and plain. Better off going to a local cafe for a hot meal and better bang for your buck! We will give it another try for dinner.

Ordered a wrap here for $17 on Saturday for lunch which was quite pricey in my opinion. The wrap was large in size so I had trouble finishing it and it was also very tasty! The interior of the place was very cute with the art gallery right next door and a nice view outside. The service was fast and friendly considering how packed it was! Overall, a great cafe although a bit on the pricey side, will definitely be back.

Deco Eatery is under the same owner as Bodrum Kitchen at Brickworks. But I much prefer the menu and ambience here. The interior deco is comfortable and spacious with lots of light from the big windows. The whittaker's chocolate was great and I had breakfast in turkey which is simple and comforting. The Turkish coffee is very strong on its own but is balanced out with the Turkish delight candy (though I still had to add a little sugar). If you are looking for a pretty place with great food, look no further!

This place is wonderful! I literally saw it from the road and pulled over this morning. Once I entered it was like being transported to cafe heaven. A table with a large array of fresh baked goods was a feast for the eyes. The breakfast menu with its range or Turkish dishes is so interesting and the coffee is excellent. Service is friendly and pretty quick. The crockery and the decor are to die for. I liked it so much I went back for dinner on the same day. Service a bit less attentive but meals were excellent. Will be going back again tomorrow. It's that good.

Such a beautiful place to have a meal! Lots of natural light & surrounded by greenery views! Service is great, reasonable pricing for the quality of food! I had the French toast which is a MUST! Not too filling & so many flavours ? will defiantly be back as it's a hard place to top!

Went for Sunday brunch with a group of friends. A friend told us this place used to be a gallery before and hence the aesthetic feel to the place. Large doors and windows which brings the outside in with beautiful greenery outside. Love the vibe of this place, we ordered various dishes but Greek meatballs takes the cake- it was beyond perfect and purely Mediterranean. Their Rosti was alright, perhaps the meatballs had raised my expectations, their Turkish bread was a beautiful dish, it's more like a Greek pizza. Unfortunately I did find their menu limited but for a cafe it's quite big n mostly busy. Their coffees are very funky comes in traditional crockery enhances the whole experience. Overall worthy of the hype, will definitely go back.

Didn't eat here just went for a coffee but what an amazing looking restaurant ? I was very very impressed by decoration and little details. Very nice and attentive staff

Amazing place! Love the ambience and decor. A very pleasant environment and great way to relax and start the day. Food and coffee was fantastic too! A must try, will definitely come back. Awesome :)

Great place fast service food looked and taste great the feta wow,the coffee a pass for me too,I'm real fussy when it comes to coffee and I'd say this is my new coffee spot thanks guys AAA+++

I'm a local and this is up the road from me! It has great views of the Manukau harbour, I've eaten there a few times and the menu is really nice for breakfast brunch and dinner, they have friendly staff working their and their coffee's are really good, it's a good place for meeting people. It's very popular during the week and in the evenings and it gets busy in the weekends.

Food: The food was absolutely delicious. We came here for dinner on Sunday night and we were just completely amazed by the flavour & portion size of the food. We ordered the homemade middle eastern dips and bread for the starter and that was pretty yummy, I think one of the dips was  smoked salmon (or some kinda smoked fish) and that was probably one of the best ones i've ever had.  For the mains we had the jumbo prawns and 24 hour braised beef cheeck which I both highly recommend.  Service & Ambience: Both lovely. Waiter was very helpful and attentive and the decor and atmosphere was great too.  Would definitely love to come back for dinner and also brunch!

Sometimes I find it difficult to find nice cafes around home, however this pretty cafe tucked in Titirangi village has definitely surprised me. For a weekday brunch, we ordered the cranberry and apple porridge, deco bene with bacon, a milk Whittakers hot chocolate and a white Whittakers hot chocolate from the all day menu. If I could make porridge like what was served here, I would probably have porridge at home everyday! It was tasty and the cranberries helped give it flavour. The deco bene was what you would expect for a standard eggs bene, but super yum. Both hot chocolates were very well done. The difference between the two were the stick of Whittakers chocolate given to melt into the cup. Lovely place, comfy seats with cushions, will be back.

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