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9 months ago

We came with a Grabone voucher where the deal included one sandwich, one drink, and tater tots for just $12. We had the voucher option for two people and just had to add a few extra dollars to upgrade to loaded tater tots.  We opted for a Sweet Scram and a Brekkie Burg, I also chose an Oat Milk Hot Chocolate. I thought it was really great that this place doesn’t charge extra for alternative types of milk. The drinks were delicious and the loaded tater tots were fresh and amazing as expected. The sandwiches were beautiful, I loved my sweet scram - the brioche bun was buttery and soft, interesting flavour combination of caramelised onion with sriracha mayo, and the scrambled eggs were probably the best I’ve had in my life, soft, aromatic and creamy. There was only one guy manning the place when we went, so he had to make the drinks and the food all on his own, but everything was still amazing quality and we didn’t have to wait long at all.

10 months ago
10 months ago

Amazing food, sandwiches are light and moreish. The coffee here is also amazing I got a second one to takeaway. Nicely made, not burnt and a beautiful taste. No extra charge for almond milk! The facility doesn't have heaps of sitting for guests or big groups. Definitely recommend this place 😍 Have been back a second time.. Tater tots, sandwiches and coffee were amazing, again. The large tater tots are a very decent size, my partner and I could have easily had the smaller size ! We did have to wait a while though due to numerous uber eats orders being processed, but it was well worth the wait 😋

Egg and Spoon, Ponsonby
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113 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
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Egg and Spoon, Ponsonby