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Worst entrees I have ever had. We left after entree they were that bad. Never meal checked us once even when paying the bill. Would never go back there.

A vibrant and busy cafe cum restro bar admist the lovely little matakana village. The seatings and ambience is great. Beautiful food and good wines to compliment with. Been here twice once for lunch and once for din din. Service is good could be better.

Amazing environment and good portions. Food was delicious and full of flavour. Oysters very fresh. Recommend the Thai fish curry. Fireplace set the ambience

Worst service I've experienced. I heard good things about this place, so went there for brunch all the way from Auckland. It was raining, so was quite busy. A waitress told us just grab a free table, but everytime we try to sit down a waitress come put a reserve sign on it. And finally we got a table, we were not served for a long time, we have to go grab menu ourselves. When we ask if we can order, the waiter seems like he does not want to serve us, very not nice to us. Food was ok, came out very quick. While we waiting, we saw the bartender pouring a unfinished glass of wine from the table back into the wine bottle!!! I wouldn't suggest people going, and I wouldn't go back there again.

I highly recommend dining here to end your Matakana experience. It is cosy and quality 👌🏼 For starters, we ordered the garlic baked flower pot bread and tom yum mussels. Followed by roasted pork belly, a whole rack of ribs and a whole baked flounder. Everything tastes just as good, if not better than pictured 😍

Went here for brunch after checking out the markets. The place was so busy with most tables reserved already. We managed to get a table inside close to the fire which was nice and cosy. The menu is extensive but our table got The Market Grill, Brunch Salad, Sticky Pork Ribs and I got the Steak and Eggs. My steak was nice and cooked perfectly how I wanted. The potatoes underneath is were massive so I couldn't finish. The portion size is big and reflects the prize so it's good. The sticky pork ribs were great too. Overall the service and food were good. The only downside to our experience here was when it came to pay, their machine was down so we had to wait a long time to be able to pay. We used all our cash in the markets and the ATM machine outside also had a queue.

Cool little spot next to the river with really nice rustic outdoor seating. The plating of the food is a talent always looks divine Must say it always looks better than it tastes If you dont plan on spending much money Id steer clear. but otherwise its a pretty sick little spot!

Best avoid MMK on Saturday when the market is on, it gets rather busy and service suffers. However the food is consistently good. The menu is enormous, with another "specials" menu available. A huge menu is usually a red flag for me but somehow MMK pulls it off - hell knows how but they do. Great location and something for everyone. Prices are fair too.

MMK, as it is commonly known, had really made my day.  The time for the food to come out after order was made, was really impressive - I would say, less than 5 minutes. Sautée chicken livers served with a couple of Yorkshire puddings were unbelievably nice. Its not just the livers, but everything else in the dish was good.  I had fish (Hapuka) catch of the day, pan-seared & served with salad. Again it was excellent - salad, which gave a fresh taste than potato or kumara. My wife had scallop & snapper risotto with rocket & parmesan. Risotto was lovely, scallops were small but the taste was fresh.  We finished our dinner without much room for desserts.  (Food - 5/5; Service - 4.5/5; Ambience - 4.5/5) P.S. I loved the front page of the dessert menu & couldn't resist taking a photo of it.

Happy Mother's Day to all you god damn attractive mums, I took the old girl out for breakfast for her special little day and she loved every minute of it even though mr pony made her pay for the meals hehe She ordered the eggs benedict with salmon. I was to busy taking selfies to snap some pics of her meal, The eggs were cooked puuuurrrfectly and the salmon was well seasoned. The only other time I have seen her that happy is when pony moved out hehehe. Overall she loved her meal and was yarping on about the nice decor. I ordered the steak sammy along with a mocha, My sammy was b e auuutiful not a piece of salad out of line, the steak was sexy if it ain't medium rare it ain't good steak. The mocchaaaaaaa shoot me dead it was the best god damn mocha my lips have ever come across, I didn't really fancy the gay little milk display going on, but set that bullshit a side It was one of my favourite places I have ever eaten. The staff were very polite and helpful few little hotties sniffing around which I didn't mind 😎 It wasn't to badly priced well it never is when I have so much money to blow. It was my first time here and it did not disappoint. I'll be back to sniff around again. Pony 🐴 xx

This would be one of my top three restaurants in Auckland. Even though it's an hours drive away it is so worth it. It was our first time here and I can't wait to be back again. Exceptional. Everything was exceptional. I mean it's set next to a river making it romantic to start with. The interior is very pretty. All the tables were adorned with little trinkets of floral displays. From the wine we were suggested all the way through to the dessert menu. The staff checked up on our table at least five times throughout the night. We came in for an early dinner just in time to make it back home. Great wine selection of New Zealand wines from different regions - picked a Pinot Gris from Lake Hayes in Queenstown. We settled for a tapas and picked out the island styled ceviche, lamb cutlets, mussels, flower bread and the beetroot salad. The best ceviche I've had so far! And the Asian style mussels weren't bad either. Unfortunately we didn't stay for dessert as what we ordered was more than enough for two people. Bookings are essential as they are relatively busy through out the week.

I've been waiting 20 minutes and still can't get anyone to look after me. Went inside and tried to order and I got told that someone would be looking after me ASAP. Shit customer service. Not coming back here definitely

Food was good, perfect eggs and the benedict sauce was well executed along with the presentation, mostly good experiences here but some of the staff are incompetent and rude (not all) just a select few which is unfortunately a downfall since the prices are pretty up there so when I invest my money I want the service to match the dish, food is off and on good and sometimes is lacking love so don't go here often anymore, breakfast seems to be the time to go, restaurant is normally full of pretentious people other than that the atmosphere is bearable

Great ambience and great food & coffee at reasonable prices. Staff were friendly and the place had a real buzz about it. Will definitely come again.

We stopped for morning tea here. The coffee was great and the muffin delicious. Service took a little while but the muffins were heated in an oven rather than microwave. They tasted like they were fresh out of the oven. Look forward to returning for lunch.

Came here from a road trip from Auckland! Ordered the roasted fig with feta and salad, and my friend ordered the char grilled lamb salad! And it was amazing! The figs was an explosion of flavours and textures in the mouth and the lamb was cooked to perfection and good flavoursome seasoning!

This was a Saturday with lovely weather. Matakana Market Kitchen was the immediate option that sprung to a friend's mind while 4 friends who brunch were making their way there together. Checking their website as a start to learn what's on the menu, I'm pleased to say it was a satisfying browsing task. Although readable, the menu presents a genuine problem. Commonly faced, numerous delicious options may lead to a FOMO (fear of missing out) decision. Do I really want this or that? Arguably, the chorizo and spud smash held my awe to satiety. I was actually copying my friend's order. The baby potatoes were roasted to that tempting golden brown colour, generous portions of chorizo sliced thinly to lend gentle helpings without kicking any other elements out of the way. I appreciated a sizeable hunk of spinach and almost the right amount of onion jam. Verdict - left a satiated camper. Less than perfect as the breakfast melt was more a generous meal rather than a well executed meal (now if you're a voracious eater, this is your 5/5). Both were $18, I would recommend the crush if you don't want to be stuffed, the melt if you're hangover / hungry. Would return? Yes. The Welsh rarebit stuffed avocado is in order.

Made a booking for my 50th birthday a week in advance for 11 people but when we arrived the table wasn't ready and we were placed at two separate tables then left for 20 mins with jugs of water. Noticed a large table had emptied myself so I requested we move to it which was fine. Finally after another 10 mins the Waiter came back but did not want to take our drink orders, just meals, as the kitchen was closing!!! And we could only order from bottom half of menu... after waiting 30mins it would have been great to have known this earlier and couldn't we have had some drinks ordered by now? Meals limited to wraps, chips, ceviche and snack size ribs... a little under whelming but tastey enough. Needless to say no birthday felicitations offered. Beautiful location just very very poor and unfriendly service.

Good ambience. The food is okay. The ribs though is what has strucked me. Veryy tender. Melts in mouth kind of ribs. They are pricey though for a regular serve size.

Had lunch here with some friends. Was very busy when we went but the atmosphere and vibe of the place was still relaxed. Food wise, I ordered steak and eggs with seafood chowder on the side. Presentation was wonderful although steak was well over cooked beyond what was asked; chowder was delightful. Overall, a pleasant experience.

When they say a bowl of coffee, they're not joking! My partner ordered one and received a dessert bowl of coffee. Beautiful food, surrounds and service.

We have dined at Matakana market kitchen many times over the last few years and the food and service has never failed to impress. Without hesitation MMK is our "go to" for a great meal in lovely surroundings. Only problem is getting a booking at times due to its popularity!

Was bad from the start. We had to find and clear a table ourselves. After 30 mins of being seated the waitress never returned to take our order so we had to wave down another waiter (which took many attempts at getting his attention). Then waited for 45 minutes and still no food or drinks arrived. We thought they might just have been busy. But no. They completely forgot to process our order. Had to wait another 25 mins until we finally got our food which came out cold and half of it missing. Nobody came to check on us or ask if we needed anything. Had to keep getting up and chasing the waiters around the place just to ask for the rest of our order. Was a shame our first time was such a bad experience because it is a lovely venue.

Hmmmm..... Been to Makatana a few times but 1st time actually eating here at lunchtime today. Mixed feeling about this place. Servicewise, my wife and I would give it 5 out of 5. Friendly staff. Also very attentive. Can't complain. We would give the decor 4 out of 5. We love the decor. Inside and outside flow. 1 thing I don't really appreciate is we sat under a ceiling lamp. Nothing wrong with that. Is just dead flies inside the lamp shade. When we walked out (after paying our bills), I notice the same with some lamp shades. Please please look up when cleaning. Isn't nice looking at dead creatures when dining. The most disappointment is the food. I feel cheated . 1 dish we ordered is fish n chips under the heading Something Wrapped. The product that came out isn't the same as it described in the menu. We know us a wrap. When it came out, the wrap only had fried fish and a little bit of salad type of thingie. Not chips. Where is the chips? If chips not included in the product, why say fish n chips then? Very very very misleading.

I took my mum here on Monday for lunch as a nice catch up. The restaurant is really nice with lots of different seating options. It's a little confusing when you first walk in as there wasn't a wait or bar person greeting people. We waited for a couple minutes then got told to sit anywhere. Our waitress was friendly enough, it did take awhile to order even though we went in around 11.30am and there wasn't many people. I had the chorizo and potato smash with a Diet Coke. My mum had the prawn and scallop patties special with a glass of the house Sav. My meal tasted and looked great. My mums however was different to the explanation of the dish. The "patties" were actually balls and there wasn't much prawn or scallop in any of them... Overall the experience was pleasant but I would probably try one of the other places over returning.

Best brunch in the Matakana / Snells area. We had the Market Grill and the Vegetarian. Both very good. Coffee was great too. Only negative was the service was lacking a bit, not in a rude way but just missed the boat on a few things. For example, we ordered the coconut bread (bressert of course!) which was meant to come with butter and lime marmalade. The butter was missing so we asked then waited 5 mins.. no butter. I went in to ask and the guy returned only to plonk 3 sachets of butter on the table. You expect better than sachet butter from a decent cafe. Just a bit clumsy! Overall a great brunch though and we'll be back.

Chowder is really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the food and the market here. The lamb is really tasty. Why need so many words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a tough decision whether to dine here or the actual farmers market itself as we went on a Saturday! But I think we made a right choice :) The interior decor was warm and spacious With delicious cabinet treats and an extensive menu we were spoilt for choices. We went for the matakana grill and the vegetarian breakfast. Both were so so delicious! I'd most definitely come back Service was adequate but food was definitely the highlight Ps the mushrooms were exquisite

Had breakfast outside, service was punctual, coffee good, food was great. I had the Vegetarian brekkie, crispy coated eggs are my new love. Could have had a little bit more Halloumi, but on the whole scrummy.

I dined here with my mother on Friday 29th April 2016 for dinner as we had looked online at the menu and the food sounded nice. When we entered all of the tables were reserved, so we thought this was a good sign. How wrong we were!! The service by the older man was grumpy, and he made us feel unwelcome. A family entered after us and after they were sat down they got up and walked out. We should have too! I ordered the seafood laksa and asked the waitress if it was spicy, she said it wasn't and my mother ordered the italian parpadelle meatballs. When they came out the laksa was incredibly spicy, but without flavour and my mothers meatballs were barely heated and straight from the freezer. We waited for someone to check on our food but no one came. So then when the waiter came to finally take our plates (we had left the food on them) we complained and he said nothing and walked away!! I DO NOT recommend this place!!

I love this place because it's people, menu and of course the river side view! Located in the beautiful Matakana village and has both indoor and outdoor dinner. Their lunch menu is very comprehensive even for Auckland standard with both healthy and hearty choices. Their staff are always friendly and attentive.

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