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2 years ago
2 years ago

I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN 🍗 Whoever decided to start frying chicken is honestly a genius and I want to hug them. Korean fried chicken is my absolute favourite 😍 Had a craving for it so I decided to finally try out Simon & Lee! Ordered the Chicken Lunchbox ($17) which comes with Korean Fried Chicken, slaw, pickles, shoestring fries and aioli (we never got given any aioli tho 🤔). For the chicken sauce I chose garlic soy and safe spicy 🌶 The chicken was sooooo good, cooked to perfection and juicy. This chicken looks like it does the Korean 10 step skin care routine because it was GLOWING ✨ The fries were crispy and I enjoyed the slaw. Pickled radish is essential to the Korean fried chicken experience to cut through any greasiness. The pickles seemed pretty random but I still ate them cause your girl doesn't like to waste food 😂 I'd love to go back and try the danger spicy sauce and other menu items! Overall rating: 9/10 🍗🍗🍗

3 years ago

It’s a very clean place with quality food. I could tell it was a famous place by the amount of people seated. The food was very delicious and authentic korean food. The chicken lunch was very good (safe spicy) it was the perfect amount of crunchy and had a generous amount of fries and radish pickles and coleslaw. The bulgogi spaghetti was also nice as well with a decent quantity and good taste and the bibimbap was also very delicious but a bit too much rice I guess? It was still very yummy. At first I didn’t know how the kimchi waffle fries would taste but they were very yummy and filling as well. I will definitely come here again. The staff is very friendly and the environment is nice!

Simon & Lee, Parnell
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115 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland
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Simon & Lee, Parnell