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4 days ago

Went for brunch with a couple of friends on Sunday. Food was really good, service was probably THE worst I have ever had the misfortune to experience at a fancier restaurant. I’d like to say that we remained polite the whole time, thanking the staff for everything multiple times. 1, Our main waitress looked like she hated being there the entire time, did not crack a single smile, we had to ask for things 2 or 3 times, and made faces at some customers behind their backs which I again, had the misfortune to witness. 2, My friends and I asked for a chair or a stool to put our handbags on (the table next to us was doing the same). A waiter brought us one, but 20 minutes later he asked for it back stating that he REALLY needed the chair back. He then proceeded to place the chair at a empty table in an area where nobody was sitting. Nobody sat there for the entire time we were there. 3, We politely asked a second waiter to bring us another chair, which he obliged. Then, the first waiter comes to talk to the second, and my friend overheard him say “chairs are not for bags” and other snickering things. I look around, and sure enough, multiple tables were using chairs for handbags and clothes. Why the double standard waiter one? Why not do the same to the table of older European women next to me and my friends - 3 young girls of Asian descent? Also, if you’re going to talk and snicker about customers, don’t do it within their earshot. I spoke to the manager before we left about the chair issue, funny thing was that our main waitress saw us and looked extremely nervous and actually looked like she wanted to step forward and join the conversation. So I guess she DOES realize her service was less than satisfactory. Manager was great, he was apologetic and explained that the waiter was new. Nevertheless, I think more training is a pretty pressing matter.

2 weeks ago

Have been to Amano a few times... coffee catch ups, brunch, lunch, etc. The service is always excellent. Their staff are an asset to their brand. The menu is small but what they do, they do amazingly well. Have always been happy with the food, coffee and service. Keep it up guys.

2 weeks ago

Atmosphere and service are amazing. The food...not so much. I was really disappointed by the crayfish tortellini. It had a very strange flavour and simply wasn't very nice. It was also a tiny portion for the price. My friend had better luck with the agnolotti. We also shared the broccoli which was horrible. It came out as a massive full head of broccoli which was burnt, tasted foul and was hard to eat. The bread was very plain and thin and the cheese it was stuffed with had no flavour, reminded me of a bad quesadilla. Can't say I'll be back

Amano Restaurant, Auckland CBD
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Amano Restaurant, Auckland CBD