Amano Restaurant, Auckland CBD

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I had lunch here for the first time today and I am overall very impressed with the place. I love the interior and the food is delicious! I ordered a Charred Octopus in a main meal sized, a chocolate budino & raspberry desert which was very well presented and a watermelon & mint soda. The food takes approximately 45 minutes to arrive and because we ordered as a big group, I’m not sure if that affects the time taken, but the service was great, the staff were friendly and I know it’s totally un-relatable but the toilet is so flash haha.

I’m really enjoy their opening kitchen and vintage decoration which allow clients clearly seeIng how their food be completed. They fully use any ingredients they’ve got from farms. I ordered their Chicken Liver that I never taste in any other restaurant even Asian restaurant. But it turns greater result with well-balanced taste and flavor. I’m highly recommending that For someone who would like to give it try.

Major Fan. Major. Baby-cake free night so we legged it to somewhere we knew would feel classy, adult and serve amazing food that we could savour without taking turns to eat so someone can feed the baby-cake! Amano nailed it for us. Service is top notch and food is just to die for. We shared swordfish with passion fruit celery and radish, the crayfish tortellini and the chicken with peas and pancetta. It was all delicious, but the tortellini is next level. Like next NEXT level. Stuffed with crayfish and the sauce is scrummy. We had dessert too because why not. We had them explain the dessert menu offerings to us because I need to be very clear on what I’m getting to avoid dessert remorse, and we got the chocolate budini (FYI an insanely delicious mousse with a crumb and raspberries fresh and freeze dried) and the Riccota and plum which was a very moist ricotta cake with a tart plum jam and cream. Very not disappointed. I love this place and sincerely and wholehearted recommend it to all and sundry.

A busy weekday evening where the generosity of additional seating at the bar and kitchen catered for those extra diners who enjoy this atmosphere. The food is contemporary Italiano - recommendations from my plate include, “check out the kingfish crudo and the beautiful dairy and vegetable dishes”. Seems that there is variation on the menu according to the availability of freshly caught seafood .... wow !!

Best pasta in Auckland! Entree were great and cocktails were yummy. Loved the ambience and fit out. Service was also good. Will definitely come back.

Amano is officially my favourite restaurant! The interior design is beautiful and makes it a great place for romantic dates. Each time I've been there, the service has been amazing and the food just divine- I was never a fan of Italian food before because it was just carbs and cheese, but Amano has changed that. Sparkling water is poured freely, the dishes are fresh and vibrant, and the pasta handmade on site. Portions are also very generous- we usually get one pasta, a meat, and a side dish for two people and that is more than enough for two and I love that the menu changes seasonally which gives us an excuse to come back often!

A business lunch on a very hot day. Amano was 90% full and the air con was straining. Impeccable service loads of free sparkling water and we were ready! We opted for their famous Pasta. The Crayfish Tortellini was excellent as was the Lamb Manti. The best however was a non pasta dish- the Kingfish Crudo. A couple of very cold beers washed the palette. All ended with superb coffee. Reasonably priced at $130.00 for two. My Lamb Manti was lukewarm which was the only negative. Good lunch venue!

Deliciously Satisfying. Craving for more. After a successful start to our January housing market. We decided to celebrate this evening. Tasty steak, delicious monkfish and satisfying oysters. Matched with awesome strawberry and peach drinks! The layout is beautiful and comfortable, I want to go back already! Perfect for first dates, arrive early so it’s not too packed. The wait time was a little long, and the staff forgot one of our orders and kept denying it. I wasn’t in an argumentative mood so will just minus half a star for wanting to argue with me over something so silly. Service: 3/5 Food Quality: 5/5 Food Quantity: 5/5 Presentation: 5/5 Environment: 5/5 Price per person: $60-$80

Ambience is what we instantly fell in love with as soon as we entered the restaurant. Great service and the food totally lived up to our expectations. It’s is one of the best Italian restaurant in Auckland according to us no doubt about that.

This was on the list for a long time and we finally managed to get a reservation for Wednesday. Amano is more accommodating than it seems in the pictures. Loved the ambience and the staff. Though most of the dishes were sold out, we managed to order some of their bests. We had 2 handkerchief pasta, trevally escabeche and a kingfish crudo. Loved everything , but dint realise the crudo would be cold. Taste-9/10, Ambience- 10/10, Staff:10/10 Slightly expensive, but worth it, as its a fine dine. Tip: You may want to book in advance as they are fully booked even on the weekdays.

Walked past last night wondering where we were going to get dinner at 10pm and got greeted by a big smile and a very friendly man. Through the whole time my partner and I were there it was a great time, service was absolutely exceptional and the food was cooked exactly how me and my partner like it. All in all will definitely be back and have a very high opinion on this place

I must say Amano fully deserves its high rating, Came for lunch and was definitely not disappointed. We were promptly and civilly greeted and seated as we arrived. The decor was simply splendid, stylish but with a kind of rustic charm that gives it a homely feel. I ordered the Chittara and Rascal potatoes while my friend ordered some spaghetti. All dishes were cooked perfectly especially the pasta (firm but not too chewy) All dishes were extremely flavourful but not overspiced to the extent where it's overpowering. Portion sizes were more or less spot on, although at first seemingly small it is definitely enough to be filling. We were seated at the chefs counter where you can watch the bustling kitchen staff put everything together and that was a remarkable and noteworthy aspect of this place. Overall an amazing restaurant with equally amazing food and a lively atmosphere definitely would come back and recommend,

Came here for New Year's day lunch. What a great way to start my food adventure for 2018. Food was scrumptious and the service was excellent. It's a bit on a upscale price but it was all worth it knowing you get the best and fresh ingredients. Set in one of Britomart's historic buildings it's a fantastic place to hangout and enjoy your meals. Loved the whole vibe of the restaurant.

Really good mains, we had the slow cooked pork and and the handkerchief pasta. The entree was okay and the sorbet was decent. Extremely fast service and friendly staff . Overall great dining experience

The food was awesome, and nice presentation, just the drink, not my type of flavor, too salty for me. I have recommended many friends to come here, nice place for dinner by reasonable price .

Poor James had an exam today but Mum came to visit me so we went out to Amano for brunch. It was packed! We managed to find a little table in the corner by the window which was snug but not too cramped. I ordered a soy iced mocha and mum had a flat white - both were very nice. We both ordered the avocado and tomato dish - I advised that I'm vegan and the waitstaff were very attentive and took care to let me know the meal was vegan when serving! Service was quick and attentive. The slice of sourdough with almost puréed avocado was delicious if a little small considering the vast amount of tomatoes with each serving! I loved the addition of fresh chilli, pepper, basil and olive (I think) oil. Didn't think you could do much else with the classic tomato/Avo combo but Amano definitely stepped it up! Was the dish worth $18? Yeah, I think so! We had a lovely time at Amano, would definitely return again but don't know if there were any other vegan options to try.

Came here for our anniversary dinner. Had a very nice and elegant vibe inside. Ordered a chicken liver patê and ceviche for entrée. Normally I don't even try chicken liver but my partner said it was very nice and you can't even tell it's chicken liver - which I guess he was right. Wasn't revolting thank goodness. Low key enjoyed it haha. Loved the ceviche though! Our mains weren't bad. Enjoyed it. The meat were cooked to our liking. The only thing we didn't like so much was the dessert. Got the chocolate budino & rhubarb which was average and quite a small portion for $14

We came to Amano for the bakery and whilst we ate our desserts we had a glimpse at the restaurant. The decor is what drew us in first, it was rustic and classy and seemed like the perfect place for a dinner date. The menu was a bit pricey but after finishing 1/5 exams it was time to treat my self. We came here around 5pm and were offered a table. If you come here around 6-7 then please book ahead because both us, and the group ahead of us were kindly told that our tables were booked at 6:30. 90 minutes was more than enough time for us to eat. We ordered Crayfish Tortellini and the Scampi Chitarra. Both these game highly recommended by the waitress. The dishes were priced at $34 and $32 respectively. Both pasta dishes were a good portion, but we eat a lot so it was filling for us only because we didn’t come here on an empty stomach. The Tortellini was stuffed full of crayfish. It wasn’t finely minced or maybe it was, but it was stuffed so full it felt like I was just biting into a chunk of sweet crayfish. Phenomenal. Just imagine eating a morsel of crayfish that has just been wrapped by a thin delicate sheet of pasta. The Scampi Chitarra was even more amazing. The Scampi was sweet and cooked to perfection. The baby tomatoes added the perfect tartness to cut through the sweet Scampi. The hint of spicy from the chilli was also the perfect accompaniment. One small bite could only be described as fireworks on my tongue. I never get this descriptive with my reviews, but Amano you have impressed me and I will be back. p.s free unlimited sparkling water and the waitress was absolutely lovely and had a very nice accent

There were 3 of us who made an impromptu visit to Amano, after an exhausting meeting, feeling thirsty & quite famished. Two of us have visited Amano previously, so were eager to try something new from the menu, we had a very enjoyable lunch. Food, drinks, ambiance & service were fantastic.  THANK YOU!

The atmosphere and food here is simply incredible. Best coffee in Auckland and the interior is beautiful. We had pasta for mains I had the crayfish tortellini and my partner had the scampi pasta. Both were delicious (his was better though.. so I stole his meal). Great service and again the best coffee❤️ I’m in love x

Came here for my birthday dinner! The service was excellent and our waiter was very friendly and good to talk to. I had the gnocchi which was very delicious - although there were too many mushrooms compared to the actual gnocchi :/ other people on my table had the seafood pasta and fish - all of which was thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommend this place!

Loved it! Service was great and the charred octopus was so tender!! My friend had the gnocchi and they were like little pillows in your mouth! Our waitress Jade was amazing, she explained the process of how our food gets delivered from farm to table and offered a great selection of food!

Amano is beautiful place to go to with friends or professional meeting . It’s always been a great experience. Staff extremely friendly & calm .love going there .

I couldn't wait to go to Amano, I am an Italian who also loves to make her own pasta. Setting was romantic and the vibe was great. Started with the Stracciatella, this was thin and tasty. Mains, my husband ordered the chicken ravioli, it was good and tasty. I ordered the Scampi pasta, it was not great. It was dry and bland, the pasta was thick and starchy. I actually left feeling so disappointed and let down.

We had a lingering lunch during the week.  Everyone really enjoyed both the food and wine selections.  Between us we tried the char grilled chicken, the  steak and the flounder. I expected it would be good, but it was better!  Will be going again and take my partner for dinner. Service was good.

The evening started with a bang, our table ordered the Ricotta Stuffed Courgette Blooms - Beautiful start to the evening and the Stracciatella bread which was also very tasty and cooked very well. Then came the cocktails - I was the only one of our table that enjoyed their cocktail, 2 of them weren't even finished. Our mains quickly followed and thats where the evening flatlines... The Mushroom Gnocchi - Where do I start, bland and a little bit sickening after a while, it was just missing some oomph. Another meal at our table was the Chicken which was dry and tough unfortunately. We did express our disappointment to our waitress about the drinks and also our mains, but they weren't fazed and said well im sorry to hear that, maybe we weren't upper class looking enough for them to care? Either way a disappointing evening spent at Amano which sucks as I was really looking forward to our evening here.

Amano is a beautiful place to hang out and have a few drinks. The ambiance is quite clever, use of aged mirrors and the decor makes you feel like you're in a pretty aquarium. The food was good, i liked the crayfish tortellini, and flank steak with duck egg. The male bartender who sports a ponytail was really lovely and attentive, i hope their front of house staff passed on the compliment we gave. The lady in the bakery was a bit standoffish, but overall it was a good dining experience.

Isn't this place just AWESOME!? I had their smoked warehou pate with sourdough and it was amazing followed by custard with apple and oats. Loved it. Loved every bit of the food. The Chardonnay was awesome. Perfect ambience, friendly staff. Definitely recommended. Will be there again soon 😊😊

I was part of a large group lunch today at Amano and had been looking forward to it as i had heard it was great. Sadly I have to agree with some of the less than positive reviews on this site. Service was patchy but the food was worse. I had the kahawai with anchovy crust. its was poorly seasoned, over cooked and drowned in olive oil which largely just created a gluggy mess. and I got a lemon. On my left my friend ordered the crayfish which was also overcooked and tasteless... with a lemon. We wondered whether the chef was drunk. On my right my friend had the lamb which was gamy and undercooked. It was so rare that Ram was the over arching flavour. She couldnt eat it and at the check out we asked the waiter whether it was male or female lamb. She replied sarcastically ' all i know is it had a great life'. I dont remember all the details of all the meals of our group but the general feeling was 'meh' and we wil be unlikely to return. oh and on our exit we walked through the bakery as my friend was still hungry. We pointed out to the salewoman that there was a large blowfly in one of the food cabinets. We pointed to exactly where it was landed on a ham and cheese croissant and she thanked us and shooed away the fly.. leaving the croissant in place for the next customer! Hunger was no longer a problem! Whats going on here?

I was extremely excited to meet and old friend in a long time, so we arranged to meet at this restaurant in which it was both our first time dining here. Word-of-mouth about this place was amazing, so we were both really looking forward to it. We arrived and got seated to a table very quickly. The service was amazing, and our waiter even gave us a brief run-down on each meal on the menu. Everything was fine until our food came out. My friend ordered the slow roasted pork, while I got the crayfish tortellini. My friend's meal was extremely bland and majority of her plate was pure bone, while my meal had about 7 tortellini's which was less than half the plate. My friends meal was very hard to eat and flavourless, while mine was not a satisfactory quantity when taking intp account the price. $34 for 7 pieces of tortellini is just under $5 for one piece of tortellini! In my opinion, this place is way overpriced.

the worst service. Waiters and waitresses just walked around and did nothing. I sat there for 5mins and no one gave me the menu. Other customers even needed to stand up and get menus by themselves. You have to ask for everything. What's the point for hiring that much waiters and waitresses.?

This place is beautiful to start with but that's honestly all the compliments I have for it. We walk in for lunch and it takes a waiter 5 minutes to notice us and lead us to a table even though many waiters see us but just walk past. We were not provided with a drink menu either. Fine, all fine because apparently the food is amazing. We order the straciatella, the crayfish tortellini and chitarra. The straciatella i did like because cheese and bread is a great combo, that I would give 4/5. Then we had to wait about 30 minutes for our pasta to come, all okay tho seeing as it was busy and the pasta is supposed to be fresh right. So our pasta comes, looks amazing, and then we try it. It is cold. Cold and doughey and flavourless. I love pasta and never have I been so disappointed. The inside of the tortellini tasted as if it was frozen or put in the fridge over night. They used breadcrumbs on both of the dishes so they tasted almost identical. Honestly the scampi was quite nice, I did not hate everything. But there is no way I can justify 66$ on two plates of cold bland pasta that honestly did not taste fresh. Perhaps my pasta pallet was not refined enough to taste the components I don't know. However I did like the service once we were seated, the waiters were lovely. I will come again because I know amano can do better but for now, 1.5 it is.

Best pasta hands down! Not just good, very unique and stands out from the rest! Very attentive service. Each plate was presented beautifully and tasted amazing! Will definitely go back!

This place was still packed at 9:00, so it’s better to make a reservation instead of just walk in. My girlfriend and I ordered Paccheri, Spaghetti, Kingfish and Cauliflower. Kingfish was fresh, Paccheri and Spaghetti were a bit chewy but tasted delicious with seafood. For drinks, I ordered Espresso cocktail and my girlfriend had persimmon smoothie, and both of them were amazing. Portions are slightly small so two pasta/meat and two vege/seafood sides are recommended for two ppl. FYI menus might change everyday. ($120 for 2)

Amano is popular for a reason. The whole ambience of the place screams fancy and romantic. Service is always great every time I visit. They have an awesome bar and an open kitchen so you can see all the magic. As for food, I can order anything from their menu and not only do they taste delicious but also look picture-perfect. My favourites are any tomato-based pasta and summer salad, including the strawberry salad and the charred octopus (seasonal). Highly recommended! Also check out their bakery, lots of yummy treat for takeaway.

Great atmosphere, layout and service Always have the crayfish tortello and scampi chitarra; both amazingly rich and slightly tangy. Portions are probably on the smallish side so would recommend a side if for two people. ~$50/person 4.5 Yums

A great venue for lunch - plenty of hustle and bustle but impeccable service. The kingfish crodo was a highlight as was the chilli kahawhai. We ordered a three dishes to share and one main dish each for 6 of us.

The crayfish tortellini lived up to my expectations and is definitely worth trying - although I did find the pasta portions to be small for the price.

There was quite a bit of a wait to get a table but it was definitely well worth the wait. Customer service was great, food was amazing and the restaurant had a great vibe

Enjoyed the set up / ambiance of this place it was a really nice choice for a late night dinner. The service was on point with attentive staff. The food was fresh and tasty. We tried the gnocchi which was delish but the mushroom to gnocchi ratio was a bit skewed, the slow roasted pork was huge but very well cooked and the stracciatella was yum pictured below. Sadly Amano didn't live up to the hype. But all in all was a good experience.

Had lunch with a friend here Monday as we were craving pasta. She had the ricotta and yolk raviolo, which was very pretty to look at; she was happy to eat it too. I tried the crayfish tortellini, which looked a little puny on the plate initially. However, it packs a lot into each bite, and each bite was delicious. The preserved lemon was a nice touch, its flavour just subtle enough. So full afterwards! Still, I found room for dessert: the yoghurt, white chocolate and tamarillo. Not the keenest on yoghurt unless it's completely plain, but I knew a place like this would change my mind! It was made divine with white chocolate. Would have this every time. :) Service is very friendly - just casual enough and never intrusive.

Came here with a friend today. It was very busy even though we came on a Thursday and it was raining outside. Servers were really nice and attentive and asked us multiple times if we needed anything. We ordered the grilled Lamb shanks and Scampi Pacherri. Lamb shacks had great flavours although portion wasn't very big, but the scampi pasta was very average. The pasta was chewy, almost a bit too hard, and the sauce was very salty but not much other interesting flavours. My friend said it was her second time ordering the same dish but it was very different this time, and not as good. We also ordered a carrot and ginger juice and a macadamia hot chocolate. I really enjoyed the hot chocolate, but my friend's juice tasted a bit weird and was very watered down, so was quite disappointed by that. Overall, the place has great ambience and service but the food and drinks are hit or miss.

Had seen this place during the day and noticed it had a steady flow of customers so thought to give it a try for dinner. My partner and I were greeted on arrival and got a bar table looking over the kitchen without a booking. Inside was a little rustic and had a good feel about it. The waiter was very helpful with our wine selections and got our drinks to us quickly. For entree we shared the Burrata and this was delicious and would highly recommend it. For mains we both went with Pasta. I had the Spahetti. It was a good portion and had plenty of flavour. My partner had the Crayfish tortellini. And out of the two this was defiantly my preferred. She also enjoyed it but said the pasta could habe been more delicate. For dessert we shared the Espresso and mascarpone trifle. This was nice and a good portion but had a lot of crumble on top that we ended up leaving. All round was pleased with the food,service and experience and would like to go back and try some more of the menu.

Amano is simply stunning and perfect for every occasion. The restaurant itself is beautiful and the staff are attentive and friendly. I have been here a couple of times for lunch and another time for dinner and I haven't found a single thing to fault yet! In terms of must try dishes: The Venison Carpaccio is a perfect way to start a meal for two, especially if you plan on pigging out on carbs for your main. The crayfish tortellini is sensational and tends to be the crowd favourite however if you are able to tear yourself away from the herd, try the truffle pappardelle, it is to die for! The icing on the cake is Amano bakery, where you can grab a delicious sweet treat to have later on when you're not about to enter a food coma.

When I go to what I call "Hyped-Up" restaurants, I try to go with lower than high expectations.  It's Auckland on a wet and cold Friday lunch time - the place was still packed!  As with other reviewers, I definitely recommend booking (no matter what time of day).  With a packed house you would expect to be squished, but the place is huge you're not knocking elbows with the people on the next table.  I loved the decor, high wooden ceilings with hanging dried flowers gave a feeling of taking you somewhere else (Italy maybe?)  Being greeted with a smile is always a nice start too. A few details have bought my score down.  I ordered the Saffron Paccheri.  I would have completely enjoyed it, the pasta was fresh and perfectly cooked as was the scampi.  Good portion size, a little oversized maybe (which I don't often say), lucky it was just lunch so I didn't order an entree, I had planned on dessert.  My letdown was the breadcrumbs (?) on top, they were so crunchy I had a slight fear of broken teeth so I had to brush them off.  BUT, I finished the dish completely - no room for dessert thought. My friend ordered the slow roasted pork after eyeing it on another diner's table.  Watching her slide her knife through the huge piece of meat was like watching a hot knife go through soft butter.  Her eyes rolled with delight as she took her first mouthful.  My other two friends ordered the Crayfish Tortellini.  They were both happy with their meals, apparently the flavour of the cray really came through which can so often get lost in stuffed pasta.  However, the plating led us to make comparisons - I had a full plate and was absolutely stuffed when we left, their pasta literally covered half a plate and they said they could have done with more.  Two conclusions: 1) The chef had taken one dish and divided it in two; 2) This is a typical plate that, if you were to order two courses you wouldn't be left wanting more.  I go for the latter. Maybe they should spread the pasta around the plate a bit more, or a smaller plate? We also decided to share some vegetables to go with our meal, so we ordered Red Rascal Potatoes and Roasted Baby Carrots.  Unfortunately, these took a long time to get to the table and we had to remind them that we had ordered them.  The downside was that all of us would have liked to eat the veges alongside our meals, so those of us who had the smaller sized meals had to stop eating for a while, and the remaining two had to slow down - both resulting in cooling of the food.  That said, as soon as we mentioned it to the Maitre D' it was there in a second.  The potatoes were Beautiful (notice the capital B?) and I can't begin to describe the carrots - the hazelnuts were so tasty with the right amount of crunch, and I love the scoop of real honey on top! The staff were friendly, with such a busy restaurant you could excuse them just a little bit for being stressed out but you didn't see that.  They smiled and were very nice.  The Maitre D' was highly professional, when we were beginning to question where our vegetables were, it was like he knew we had a problem before we called for attention because we saw him approaching us from halfway across the room. Ambience - tick!  Service - tick!  Food - half a tick.  Would I come back again?  Yeah of course.

Dined here Saturday night for a bday celebration (ps u need to book at least 3 weeks in advance!) first impression ambiance was lovely and very spacious compare to other similar restaurants. Staff were very attentive and catered to our needs right away, really good service. Food wise, was looking forward to trying their pasta dishes however I felt a bit let down due to portion size and flavours. We ordered 3 pasta dishes one of them was gnocchi and it was very salty and the portion is tiny (entree size). However their meat dishes was well worth it, we ordered lamb, pork and Angus all cooked very well and flavours were subtle but tasty and the portion size was good (see photos.) also their vegetable side dishes (potatoes and pumpkin) were also yum (simple but done well). For 7 adults with 2 bottles of wine with mains, pasta and sides we paid $420 which is very good compare to other similar places! Would love to come back here again due to ambiance and to try their other meat dishes, probably won't order any pasta though.

Oh Amano, you really let me down. I have dined at this restaurant quite a few times, had already written a glowing review. But after my last visit... well it's not one of my favourites anymore. Now the only reason I haven't marked them down more, is that the service for the most part is always outstanding. Our meals were nowhere at the same level as any of the times before. Stracciatella, didn't even look the same. Average at best. My saffron paccheri was foul. Tiny amount of scampi's, which were cold and smelt/tasted fishy. No flavour in the dish other then the bread crumbs. And the pasta was really chewy. I very really complain. But when the waitress asked me how everything was I had to say something. She then offered if I would want something else, but I really didn't want to try the next thing to come out of that kitchen. She then offer a glass of wine so of course I accepted. However when we went to pay for our table the second wine was on there and so was my revolting meal. So nothing had been fixed or addressed for the chefs mistake. I was so excited for dinner that night. What a shame.

One of my fav britomart restaurants. Pretty, friendly and delicious. Came here 3 times in one month thats how much i like it here :) if ur wanting some good quality italian food and wine, u have to try this place out. Crayfish pasta, burrata, straciatella bread are must haves!

Would have been an amazing lunch given the great taste and amazing pastry. Thoroughly enjoyed the hand made Chitarra and the delicious scampi with generous portion. However, both me and my husband got upset stomach after sharing the dishes. Wasn't as bad as food poisoning so we didn't go back lodge the complaint. But I probably won't go back again.

Awesome place with great food and service! The atmosphere and setting is so relaxing, it's amazing. Huge selection of fine foods served to perfection!

Everything incredible from food to drinks to decor but the staff around was a bit of let down (no greetings or smiles ,no one explained the menu and other trivial details).

I thoroughly enjoyed my first time at Amano last night. In addition to friendly service and an upmarket vibe, they do an excellent job of beautifully balancing acidity, texture, and the natural flavours of their ingredients in every dish. I really got the sense that Amano's chefs apply intelligent culinary restraint to make everything just right. As a starter, our kingfish cerviche set the tone well for the evening. We all enjoyed how fresh this raw fish was and while there was a good amount of acidity, it still felt light and refreshing. My crayfish tortellini main consisted of fresh pasta parcels stuffed with minced crayfish meat – which I loved. There was a variety of textures (dry/chewy/crunchy/oily all at the same time) but nothing felt out of place or over the top. It was quite similar to my sister-in-law’s saffron paccheri with scampi – which was my favourite dish of the night. The textures worked, the pasta was cooked perfectly, and the seafood tasted fresh; it was all on point and you could appreciate the quality of the produce. My brother chose seafood too and got the kahawai dish, which was refined and not overpowering. Admittedly, I did feel it verged on being a tad bland so I guess that’s what the lemon is for. Amano's dessert menu sounded too good to pass up, so we shared the pine nut torte. This was simply amazing. I loved the buttery crust, which was slightly crumbly but still easy to eat, and special mention goes to the delectable cream cheese on the side that complements this cake so elegantly. Given that Amano runs a bakery during the day, it's not surprising that their dessert game is strong and I already have my heart set on the espresso and mascarpone trifle for next time. For drinks, I mostly enjoyed my macadamia smoothie. It was less enjoyable towards the end as it got a bit watery – but at least it didn’t make me feel bloated at the end of my meal. I would happily recommend Amano to those who appreciate refined, subtle European flavours that highlight fresh produce. I found this restaurant reasonably priced given our entire experience, and my only warning is that you should book in advance because it can get pretty packed at night. Keep up the good work, Amano!

The vibe is good very good services. Offered a convenient and quiet area to sit because of the baby. Food was delicious except there were some egg shell in the eggs and the hot water we ordered never came.

Love Amano! From its baked goods to the actual sit down menu food, everything here is great! For dinner we tried the Carpaccio, sirloin, and gnocchi and it was all delicious, specially the carpaccio. Also had the feijoa and lime mojito which was very enjoyable! Lastly their passion fruit and chocolate cake is one lf my favorite desserts around 😊.

Ambiance is lively but also a sense of calm at the same time. Very chic place with unusual but beautiful flower arrangements hanging from the ceiling. Service was good but often had to call a waiter to order and refill drinks. We ordered 5 dishes and the salt was so overdone. It was especially unnecessary as they had salt on the table that we could season to out liking.

Loved everything! From ambience to service and definitely the food! From handmade pasta, to seafood selection and side options... Nothing to fault. The awesome thing is their menu changes, so you always have something new to try! Will definitely be back many more times!

I have been wanting to try this place for a while after hearing all the raves about it. It definitely lived up to the hype. Service: 5/5 Food: 5/5 Ambience: 5/5 Would definitely go again

The place was still busy when we arrive about 8:30 so definitely pay to book in advance. The restaurant was beautiful with a good balance of old and new. The food were served very quickly- a bit too fast that we didn't have a chance to have more bread. All food was delicious with fresh ingredients. I particularly love the fish fillet. The slow roasted port was nice but more like a German hock rather than what you expect from an Italian restaurant. Desserts were a bit disappointing- it was a tart that obviously from their bakery not a well executed after dinner dessert. The service was efficient but could be more attentive and personalised. The staff were on the cold side. The background music was also a bit too loud for me.

This is the best. Takes you to all areas even can take to other towns. Traffic bad in this area. Can get tickets from driver or over at tourist info booth. They have day,week or monthly passes. Great deal!

A dinner so good that no photos of the food was taken (minus one). As a table of four we ordered plates to share, the menu changes everyday depending on availability of meats, fish and vegetables. We ordered stracchino and buratta, handkerchief pasta, venison carpaccio, chargrilled chicken and wagu rump. We could have easily ordered more but were saving room for dessert. The stracchino I could have eaten on its own for dinner, cheese inside thin olive oil bread, yum! The service was good for a busy Friday night.

Amazing food  Service average Price on high side but justifies. Great decor Finally made to this place and i absolutely loved it we tried  Lamb Pasta oysters  food was amazing specially  pasta was ammazing as seems to be there speciality. just service is little less good as compared to the establishment.

Amazing food-worth the wait! They only take 50% reservations so simply go early and put your name on the list. They have shared table seating mostly with a few individual tables. Menu is expansive and is broken down into dairy, pasta, seafood and meat. Most are sharing type plates and good to go with a group to try more. Stand out dishes where the Beef cheek pasta, the mushroom gnocchi is insanely good and the chicken and lamb dishes! Cocktails were also pretty good here too... I wanted to try almost everything on the menu and can't wait to go back!

I absolutely love the fit out here! The place was bustling and there were just two of us so we sat at the bar. We had a perfect view of the pasta being made. I went for the asparagus pasta and it was awesome! My friend had the ricotta and strawberry salad which was tasty and beautiful!

I am on the fence about Amano - well, both legs over but my derriere is lingering on the edge. Edibles: The fish crudo was very tasty, I would pop in for a plate of that and a wine any day. The steak was a steak, well cooked, didn't leave us in gastronomical pain, because we all know being served a bad steak these days is like being subjected to the 1st unforgivable curse ⚡ The gnocchi sadly fell apart on first bite. We often attach the term billowy to gnocchi, this certainly wasn't the case. The oblong morsels somehow disintegrated in my mouth every time I attempted any act of biting. I'm no expert at (modern?) Italian, and perhaps also had a pre conceived idea of traditional gnocchi's texture, but this dish was a very different texturised experience. The mushroom sauce made up for it, however. I would love to return to try the other pasta dishes on the menu. Chocolate panna cotta: sweet-as rating 5 star. Everyone at our table agreed that this dish hit the spot so much it puts Amano on the desserts-destination map The torta della nonna: anything with pinenuts deserves a thumbs up 👍 The gelato bon-bon: like every other chocolate encased ice cream experience, the outer shell is a b**ch to crack into. Squirted every where. Note to self: not a sharing dessert. Just pop the whole thing in your mouth Liquids: nice cocktails. Good reds selection. Sorry 🙏 I skipped whites and aromatics Service: we came here on the night before Easter Friday so practically a Friday night. The place was heaving. Noted from previous reviews, we understood each waitstaff looked after a big section, not just a couple of tables. This might explain why the level of care wasn't quite there. Small tip: when asked if you want your to-share orders to come as they're ready or split into half and half, take the former. We opted for the latter, let's just say we took a noticeably long break between the two. Overall: beautiful space. Interesting modern Italian fanfare. Hit and miss with some dishes and service.

Popped in here today for the first time to catchup with a friend for coffee. I was impressed! It's light, roomy and very inviting. You almost forget you're in downtown Auckland. The staff our friendly and we were seated right away and orders taken soon after. A nice touch is the complimentary sparkling water. We just had a hot chocolate(me) and flat white(friend) which promptly arrived. The hot chocolate was delicious with a lil meringue on the side, and my friend loves the coffee here hence the reason I ended goin here in the first place. Will have to return to try their food 😊

If I could name one of my favourite restaurants this would be it! One of the waiters there (Jono) is particularly amazing- he always gives me a big hug when I walk in and makes me feel welcome! I would recommend their amazing homemade pasta and their tomato salad! A unique feature about this restaurant is that they change their menu every day which is great because it gives you a lot of variety!

Britomart is becoming the epicentre of Auckland's gastronomic venture and Tyler Street one of it's main players. One of it's latest additions flies under the name Amano. Initially just a bakery, Amano is said to have extended itself to a fully fledged eatery. Or has it just become a glorified bakery? Housed in a 110 year old building the site itself is a seamless fusion of old and new. Exposed walls add unique texture to the room and the bold decor brings the modern aspect to Amano.  The new kitchen runs in conjunction with the bakery so you can nibble on freshly baked bread before you move on to the seasonal seafood dishes they also have on offer. According to the Amano team, they also offer the ‘freshest pasta experience in the country’. I'm yet to give this a go but next time this won't be missed.  Amano also has an impressive cocktail and drinks list. One that stood out for me was their vanilla espresso martini - I had a couple.  The service is attentive and waiters have their own sections with works extremely well with the cafes layout. Their service system has been well thought out and creates a relaxed restaurant environment.  So no, Amano isn't a glorified bakery. Although it's not a fine dining restaurant ether - it sits comfortably somewhere in-between.

I visited Amano on the weekend with a group of friends (about 10 or so). They were very accommodating and the service was wonderful. This is a beautiful restaurant with lovely decor and ambience. I had the scampi spaghetti which was incredible, highly recommended. The only downfall was it seemed to just be splat down on the plate, so presentation could be improved. I definitely recommend Amano for a delicious meal or a few drinks. I'm excited to try the bakery next door!

Another fantastic offering from The Hip Group - each restaurant or cafe a little different which gives good variety. It's a busy place so bookings are essential & if you arrive early the bar is a great place to wait & have a drink. There is seating overlooking the kitchen which would be a great option for one or two people. We were a larger group so ended up trying most of the menu - didn't manage photos of everything as we were too busy talking. The range of small plates are great as a sharing entree. We had 4 between 8 & each had our own main but you could share these too potentially. We also had 3 sides. Fave entrees were the Provolone & the Buratta, but the Trevally pate & kingfish were also nice. The waitress knew the menu well so made good suggestions. For mains most of us chose the Crayfish pasta which was delicious. Others had the chargrilled chicken, scampi pasta & lamb meatball tagliatelle. The Brussel sprouts, corn & witlof were a perfect match. A few of us had dessert - all were good, but the chocolate & Passionfruit tart was a standout Wine list has lots of unique local & international options. Service was fantastic

Amazing food at Amano with a rustic, European feel to it and an Italian inspired menu. Super busy, I definately recommend booking a table in advance. We managed to get a table but only had an hour maximum, however luckily we were able to finish our bottle of wine at the central bar table. I ordered the courgette casonsei pasta, which is a type of stuffed pasta like ravioli. It came with a delicious brown butter sauce, fresh herbs and Parmesan. The courgette was grilled perfectly and the hand cut pasta was al dente. I'm a pasta fanatic, and I loved this dish, not too creamy and rich it was perfect. Next time I'll try the crayfish or scampi pasta. My friends ordered the chicken and lamb dish. I tried my friends lamb and it was cooked perfectly so soft! Service was also really good, however each table should get a plate of house bread (I think) and we didn't get one, but we just asked and they gave us some. For desert we ordered the limoncello tart, oh my god.. the BEST lemon tart I've ever had. It had a biscuit like base, piped with cream, lemon curd and a lemony mousse, it was so delicious. I'll definately be back to make my way through the menu!

Made it to Metro's Top 50 restaurant. And really impressed by the overall presentation. From the interiors, food service and the menu was absolutely divine. Couldn't fault it. Located at Britomart with access to Quay and Tyler St. Price range for a meal from $18 onwards. Ordered a fish pate which I find bit salty, thanks to the fresh tomatoes to balance the flavor....would come back and highly recommended!!!

I went here on Friday night, I was trying to get reservation in the morning but it's fully booked and tried to walked in, we wait for around 30minutes. It's a big restaurant and packed with people all the time. I love how they decorate the place, it's just classy and beautifull xx. Food: We ordered crayfish tortello, chiatarra, lamb with yoghurt sauce, and beef. I really love the lamb, even better than their beef. There's no that lamb smell at all and so tender, it goes well with the sauce, just perfect. Pasta was nice but not my favorite.

My work team and I visited Amano for breakfast - it's located in the hip and happening Britomart Precinct, and like all other restaurants in the area, we knew that the conversion of the space within the building to a restaurant would be spectacularly done - and we were not disappointed! I had the sweetcorn, poached eggs, chilli & salted ricotta - while it tasted wonderful, and was just the right size - it's a dish with corn and egg. For $20, it's an expensive breakfast, and for $5 more, you could effectively go to any of the hotels in Auckland and have yourself a buffet breakfast.  So while that is a stark comparison (bulk food vs. personal dish), I still think the pricing here is beyond what is reasonable. Alas, it keeps the riff raff out, and ensure that their clientele is limited to media, banking and legal executives (apart from my team and I...) And what we first thought was great skill on behalf of the staff quickly turned into a display of their ineptitude - my colleague ordered a soy flat white, and was brought the wrong drink TWICE. This is because the staff don't write down your order - they try and memorise it. Simple - if you can't do that, don't do it! While I may give them a go for dinner sometime, won't be rushing back for breakfast.

Outstanding service and ambience. Food was good, fresh and flavoursome. I had the egg noodles with scampi, tasty flavours but small portion. Would go back as the place had such a good vibe.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is not in a hurry to go anywhere because the other day my friend and I really needed to go somewhere and we had 20 minutes so we stopped at Amano. We ended up having to ask for the food as a takeaway because the service was poor and was taking too long when we had already told them how much time we had. At least the food was delicious.

I went to Amano with some friends for dinner and had high expectations that were let down slightly. The service was average with wait staff not being very friendly and attentive, the setting was very nice and is a lovely spot for a restaurant which has been decorated elegantly. The lights got dimmed down after a while which made it a little dark. The food was okay but was not out of this world, I made somewhat of the wrong decision ordering two cold dishes but also didn't get any suggestions from the wait staff. Pricing is also a bit on the high side. Would like to go back and try something different.

Amazing space, rustic but classy. The bathrooms had cloth hand towels which was a nice touch. The service was amazing, everyone was super helpful and attentive without hovering. But the real star was the food. We had the Burrata, Suffolk lamb and the pork and they were all delicious. The Burrata was my favourite, the burnt peach went so well with the mozzarella and cream, just couldn't get enough! Will definitely be back. Half the restaurant is for walk ins and the wait for us for 45mins at 6.45 on a Friday for dinner. They do call you when your table is ready so you can wander around for a drink, there are some nice places nearby, or find a seat at their bar.

Amano Restaurant A++++ wow i loved warm interior, dried flower hanging and excellence service. I had grilled chicken dish which was succulent and juicy it was good dish. I recommend this place to many people must visit place in Auckland 😊

Love Amano! This is my favourite restaurant at the moment, the food is delicious, the decor is beautiful and service is great too. I love Italian food , and Amano does Italian very well.

I have nothing to say because it's delicious. Love their dishes! Just go! 😁 and eat and enjoy the food Staff is very welcoming and attentive.

WOW! Everything I hoped it to be and more. We arrived with no booking just before the rush and was happy to get a table for two. Complimentary breads n olive oil was a nice way to whet our apetite. We had juice cocktails while awaiting our mains. Service is outstanding. Ambience is great as the large room is spacy with seating placed to maintain a certain amount of privacy for each table. I enjoyed Chitara and my companion had steak. We shared strawberry & radish salad. We received complimentary lemon drops and liquer before leaving. We will definitely be going back to try other menu items.

I absolutely adore coming here! Third time coming back in a short period of time because I just can't get enough of this place. I had a special friend with me this time who came back to NZ for the first time in 13 years! I was wondering where do I take them for dinner in city that shows how bloody awesome our dining culture is? So I came back to Amano and there were no regrets. We don't even need to discuss how beautiful this place is, the staff are absolutely friendly and very helpful and the food is beautiful to stare at and of course it's beautiful in my mouth too. Thank you once again Amano for providing me with exceptional dining experience. Will be back soon!! (Food from clockwise - chargrilled organic chicken, crayfish tortello and strawberry salad)

Honestly loving the decor and vibe to this place! It's bare ceilings with beautifully hung dried flowers. Classy! We were sat by the bar in front of the pasta machine. Best view and even learnt how it's done. Service was really good! Everyone is friendly and very good with recommendations. Wine list is divine and we ordered the prosciutto with melon (yum!) and two pasta dishes. Definitely one of my favorite fresh pasta so far in Auckland. One suggestion is to have a bag hook underneath the bar table so that we can hang out bags. :p

I like this new restaurant in britomart, fresh food good service a great addition to the hip group. We had the crudo with was so good, Straciatella , mackerel and charred octopus, everything was cooked perfectly. Will definitely recommend Amano . We will go back.

I LOVE Italian food, so naturally I had to try Amano. All the reviews were really diverse and I wanted to make my own mind up. They only take bookings for half the restaurant and the other half is for walk ins. So with no booking my partner and I put our names down and were told there would be about an hour wait. We ended up waiting just over an hour and a half. Still hungry and confused we went back there to see what was going on. Turns out they had missed us on the list and were already well past us.. they then offered us a seat straight away. I still wanted to give this place a chance so we took it. The manager was so apologetic. He offered us both a free drink and entree. Next our waitress came along and apologised again. And then another lady, whom looked like the matradee. So right about now we were feeling pretty overwhelmed with how sorry they all were about the mishap. I appreciated how much they cared. Our starter was delicious! We had the stracciatella. It was the right amount of cheesy and crispy. It was perfect. For mains we had the crayfish tortello and spaghetti with clams. My partner loved his spaghetti, he had never tried clams before and he said the flavour was really good. My crayfish tortello was divine. I loved the sauce with it. It had the right amount of heat and the pasta itself was so fresh. Dessert I had the handkerchief pasta haha I know not a dessert, but I just needed more pasta. It again was perfect. My partner had the summer berries and cream. From the sound of it I wasn't expecting much. but shit it was good! I had food envy big time! I can still taste the flavour. Sensational. They rectified a bad situation and made our night a night to remember. I can't wait to go back and try everything else.

The latest and most inspiring new restaurant in the Britomart precinct! With it's beautiful decor and inviting charm, this place simply entices you in :-) The dishes we had all looked and tasted amazing, especially my crayfish tortello and the sensationally divine strawberry and radish salad! As well as the restaurant there is a bakery attached which has a fabulous selection of delicacies! You can't go wrong here, however slightly pricier than you might expect and also due to it's popularity it pays to get there earlier.

So after eating in Melbourne and Sydney, there was no motivation to go out to eat anywhere in Auckland. Food is just so so much better over there than here ? Anyway...I had wanted to try Amano for a while but didn't go because I couldn't justify paying so much for pasta haha. We ordered the crayfish pasta (not worth it for $34), the kingfish, grilled mackarel, and the clams. Out of all 4 dishes, the clams and mackarel were the best and most worth the price. The clams were cooked well and had good flavour - it wasnt too overwhelming :D the mackarel was also cooked well and very flavoursome. The pasta was pretty disappointing; 5 pieces for $34 lol but yeah it's not a cheapeats place. The kingfish was raw and pretty bland - not a dish I would order as a main dish for lunch. The environment was nice ? It was good to give Amano a go but I wouldnt go back

Ordered one wagyu stake and one grilled whole mackerel as my dinner meal. Both were served with pretty looking and wonderful taste. The waiter forgot to serve me their free sliced handmade bread, so I asked it for myself. Because there was no reason to miss so yummy bread at Amano. All staff were friendly. But there were some small flies wanted to share my food while I was eating my dinner.

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