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THE BEST KOREAN BBQ BUFFET IN AUCKLAND It's been a few years now, and the service and quality has not declined. The owner saves your number and remembers your name every time you call!  That level of service in incredible. The meat selection is top notch, dishes that stand out are the spicy raw crabs, sweet drinks, pork belly, fried chicken and intestines! Food Quality: 5/5 Food Quantity: 5/5 Environment: 4/5 Wait time: 4/5 Price Range: $40pp

My Second time in The Buffet. Ambiance is nice. Love the variety of the meat & veggies. Good food but limited dessert choices. And banana cake is a bit dry.

Umm, nice restaurant, but okay service, okay food, over priced. Well presented food, but not good quality, nor great options especially given the price. I'd go somewhere for a $25 Korean bbq and get better food. Won't be returning.

It’s not as good as before for my last visit. Not too much choice for BBQ, compare with other Korea BBQ, it’s not too worth. Deep fried chicken wing has changed taste

went a few months ago and it was an all round great experience. The service was awesome, they were all very friendly and helpful. The food was amazing and the price is definitely worth it.

Found this place here on Zomato and got intrigued so I took my partner to this place today for lunch. It was a long drive for us since we live in Pakuranga but it was definitely worth it. For $39, you will be able to eat all the meat you want and other cooked food. The thinly sliced beef was my favorite among the meat selection and the spicy fried prawns were my favorite among the cooked selection. The service was great. I would advise to book a reservation because it can get crowded fast. Good thing we got there really early and had the 1st batch of food. The manager or maybe owner was really nice to us and assisted us immediately. He kept checking on us in case we needed something. The dirty plates were taken by the servers regularly as well. I dropped by H-Mart before going in the restaurant and found out that the butcher in that market is the same one providing the restuarant. Definitely going to recommend this place to all my friends and hope to come back soon.

The Buffet was is a really unique, fun dining experience in which you choose your meat and cook this on the grill at your table. Dessert a bit of a let down but the main food is delicious! Only other addition is that it would have been nice to have some vegetables to cook on the grill (aside from onion)

This Korean BBQ Buffet is one of the best ive been to. i would give it a 4.5 but the price was abit too much. but the quality is better than any other ive been to. the fresh meat are well cut. The best part of this buffet was the side menus, they are really really good! alot of varieties and for once not that horrible. As a Buffet i dont look at service cause its hard to maintain good service at a busy place.

Great Korean food and reasonable price too. Many authentic Korean food that cannot find on other Korean restaurants in New Zealand, like Spicy raw crabs etc. Wish there were more desserts options tho.

Food was great and there was a lot of variety, strongly recommend going here, it's worth the money and the meat is very good quality, definitely going here again :)

Nothing is worthwhile unless u like shit. If u dont order soft drink,beer or wine, u get shit face. Water is full of sugar, u get full suddenly after a little sip.

Food was nice and the service was great. Only let down was the dessert...with only brownie and lollie cake effectivley on offer,. All the effort going into dinner they may have thought Dessert was not that important...however a nice dessert would have really finished the whole experience off nicely such as a cake or some house icecream? Definatley worth a try however most likely we will be back

If you want to have a cheat day and would like to go for Korean bbq buffet, I suggest you come and eat in this buffet restaurant! They have a wide selection of meats that are really fresh! The other menus were great as well. I particularly loved the different kimchis, korean fried chicken, and a lot more. Service was great! They top up foods regularly so you wouldn't ran out of them. One suggestion I'd like to make is that I would have loved it if there were more options for soup and if it was served more warmer. The soup that I chose was warm but not as hot as I'd like. No bother though - I'd still come back again to eat here. 👍🏻

Went on a Sunday evening with family (5 adults and 2 rowdy kids!) They take reservations for 5pm or 7pm sittings but kindly allowed us to dine from 6 - 8pm as we couldn't make it by 5. Firstly, food is great for a Korean BBQ buffet! The it food and side dishes were varied and delicious, highlights being the Beef Tartare and the Spicy Raw Crab. I like how they only put small portions out at a time (constantly being refilled) so it's fresh and tidy. The raw meats were standard KBBQ fare. Ambience is definitely classier than the average Asian buffet experience - service was professional and with a smile even though the kids were very excited to be cooking their own food. Heaps of parking in front of the building. Only let down is the dessert which is at a minimal (flavour and variety)

This place is pricy for a Korean BBQ but it's also the best Korean BBQ buffet I've ever been to. I've been to a Korean BBQ in Seoul, Korea and this place is pretty comparable. The one in Seoul wasn't a buffet but this place absolutely knocked it out of the park with the buffet selection. It had all my favourites: fried chicken (perfectly crispy and had the most amazing sauce), okonomiyaki, sushi, sashimi (not the most fresh but pretty good anyways), kimchi pancake, soba noodles and the best selection of pickles and kimchi. The white pickled radish is highly recommended to go with the pork belly. The meat is fresh and there's a wide selection too. The atmosphere is so much better than most Korean BBQ, it's a bit more high class and the lighting makes it feel a little bit more extra. The dessert bar wasn't the best but hey, who comes Korean BBQ for dessert? Apart from the price this place is a must go. They also do three for four on one day and a ladies night on another.

BEST KOREAN BUFFET IN ALL AUCKLAND! Don't be intimidated by their prices. It's all worth it!!! The owner owns his own butcher shop apparently so all the meat are fresh and tasty! Ambience is nice too. Totally a good experience overall! 😀

The place is amazing!Love Korean Buffet restaurant. So many choices for me. The price is a little expensive,but it deserves the price. The staff update food qucikly and yumyumyum

love love love this Korean restaurant!! It's the best Korean barbecue restaurant I've found in Auckland. The meat is fresh and good quality. Wide range of cooked and uncooked food and lots of Korean side dishes for an authentic experience. Service was great and we were served quickly. We had our Xmas staff do there and we reserved a room and we were not disappointed with size of the room or service. They also serve dessert and soups etc so you can have all your courses there. One downside is it's a big exy but totally worth it because of the quality. totally recommend it!

Situated in a large complex, this is a super popular option especially on Ladies Night :) the interior is spacious, with a grill on each table. The food is laid out on a long table down the middle, with a number of options of salads, hot plates and a large selection of meat for grill. There is also a small selection of desserts and drinks at the end. As far as buffets go, this was clean, top ups of food were quick, and service is polite but they can get very busy. We've been on a number of occasions and the standard has remained high, but they don't tend to change their dishes very much. Would recommend if you want to try K BBQ as well!

Definitely one of the top Korean buffets in Auckland! There are loads of dishes to try as well as a variety of meat to choose from. Would definitely love to visit again. Food 5/5 Service 4.5/5 Ambience 5/5

been here.for dinner with family and friends. nice ....🤗🤗🤗🤗 lots of food choices and yumm yumm yumm....... will back soon... ...thankz

This was defiantly an interesting experience coming here. Not your usual buffet but if you love Asian food defiantly worth a try. The service was really good and full of people but not too full that they wasn't any food left. They kept topping up the foods and had lots of variety of different Asian cuisine that I personally hadn't tired before.

We had read a number of reviews of The Buffet in Albany and having not been to a Korean BBQ we decided to try it out a couple of weeks ago. We went for the later sitting at 1900hrs and when we arrived the place was pretty busy, mostly with family groups, but with a relaxed vibe. The host greeted us amicability and made us feel very welcome. The range of food available was good, but lacking some of what we had expected (for example, there were no rock oysters, goyozas, or cup cakes on offer), and the dishes were not replenished frequently enough. However, the food overall was very good with the fried chicken, tempura veges, baked kumara, self cooked meats, and brownies being stand outs. The young wait staff were too inattentive and should have ensured water was provided and replenished, and asked if refills were required for beers. Overall good value for money but would be even better if the issues above are addressed. Having tried our first Korean BBQ we are keen to repeat the experience.

My wife's birthday party is here for dinner, delicious food and good service. Environment: 4.5/5 Food Quality: 5/5 Food Quantity: 5/5 Service: 4.5/5 Price $39pp。

This place was very nice, will come again!The food is good quality and the meat has alot of variety.Overall the places interior design is quite nice and the food is good.

It's great to come here for a special occasion. Everything was amazing and I wish I could eat more because everything was so good. I recommend you to go there in a hungry state because there's a lot to eat.

Amazing Korean BBQ buffet!Love everything especially beef sashimi! Perfect place to enjoy dinner with family and friends. Recommend to reserve a seat before arriving!

The Buffet must be amongst the best Korean buffet restaurant in Auckland - good choice & variety of food, including soup & dessert. High ceiling & electric grills help ventilation. Good number of wait staff helps tidiness of tables. Our favourite dishes included: spicy chicken strips, beef tartare, Tempura kumara & candy kumara (dessert).  (food - 4/5; Service - 4/5; Ambience - 3.5/5)

One of the best Korean style buffet in AKL, great atmosphere, nice staff. The food was excellent and tasty. I was surprised when I saw tokoyaki, but I forgot to take pics before finishing it. The beef for bbq is excellent and high quality, I have been to six buffet, which were all recommended by media or magazines, during four months, but I can say they have the best beef. Will come again : )

Been to this place three times now and the experience was all the same. Didn't want leave a review till now as I wanted to give them the benefit of doubt. This place is quiet popular with everyone other than Koreans. The dishes ain't Korean authentic but I will let this one slide. You need to tailor the food according to the market - just like all the "authentic" Indian food around Auckland. Food was ok. Probably 40 percent Korean and rest is mostly Japanese and western. This places runs two sessions per night - 5 to 7 and 7 to closing time. If you can can book the first session, do not book the second session. The amount of food for second the session is very limited and the replenish rate is extremely delayed. The place even fails to replace the BBQ plate. We asked for our BBQ plate to be replaced and the response was "20 min wait, it is getting washed". This was not acceptable. We had to wait for another 20 minutes for some dish to be replenished - notably the thick pork belly and the chilli raw crabs. 30 minutes into the session and all four of us were circulating the buffet area with empty plates - nothing to eat other than some seaweeds and squids. This was the same to other customers. I have added 1 extra point due to the staff. The staff weren't Particularly helpful but they were frantically working and running around like a headless chicken - retrieving plates and replenishing food that ain't exactly Korean food. Summary - book the first session, stock up on what you want to eat right at the start, get the bbq board replaced as soon as possible before they run out, and say thanks to the hard working staff before you leave :)

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