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Very good buffet, many choice, colorful, nice staff, always has good experience, dine there for few times with family and friends, they all like the atmosphere and food. Good choice for treat family and friends

Went to Eight on Monday night to do something special out with my partner. We booked for the 7:45 session which was nice because we were told it was the last session and we could stay till the restaurant closed. The woman who greeted us was friendly and also escorted us to the buffet area to show us each kitchen and let us know where to get plates and that the plates when done would be cleared for us. I really appreciated that touch because so often you go to new places where there might be a certain procedure to things and you get thrown into it.  Our waiter was quite nice and I'm sure would have been even more helpful and attentive if there wasn't so much chaos going on around. It was extremely packed with very large groups that seemed to be together walking around with their glasses, taking pictures and being very loud. In no way do I fault the restaurant nor staff as they really seemed to have their hands full and were also a tad disgruntled by the groups behaviour. I was really looking forward to the kitchens so I did not really let it bother me as it normally would have but I can see how other diners may not have been as easy going considering the price and experience advertised. I enjoyed the several different cuts of fish at the Japanese station and some of the meats were amazing as well. I enjoyed having the opportunity to try alpaca and kangaroo and the chorizo, venison and prawn sausages were just as delightful. The roasted halloumi cheese was out of this world! My only critic would be that my other meats though also requested medium rare were well done. I got to try oysters for my first time and I actually enjoyed them as well with lemon and the smoked salmon was divine. I decided on not trying: the fish station as I prefer the raw cuts ( but the choices seemed stellar!), the Indian as I felt I could get it pretty much anywhere and the Italian section as pasta isn't really my thing and the three different pizzas available did not look like anything too special (maybe more for the kids?). From the desserts section I was a bit disappointed at the lack of strawberries for the chocolate fondue fountain as there was really only melons and pineapple. I did like the pitted dates and tried several macaroons, which were very nice. The creme burlee was very well done too and they also had chocolate cake, bread and rice pudding and a couple other cakes/pies to choose from. Overall,  I really enjoyed the night and the variety and quality of food available. Did I eat what I paid for?.. Mmm not really unfortunately, though I tried so I would say maybe this is something I would do for a special occasion and certainly to impress and would come back again, just when my wallet and stomach can afford to do so!

Normally I wouldnt dream of spending over $40 on breakfast but since there was a deal on GrabOne and it was just in time to celebrate a birthday we thought why not. EVERYTHING I had that day was delicious and it was the best of everything. From the bagels to the waffles and the pastries to the eggs benedict it was all to die for. Hot chocolate will never be the same after having the hot chocolate here, I swear it tastes like a big mug of cream with melted hot chocolate lol. I would love to come back for lunch and dinner if this is what breakfast is like.

BUFFET BREAKFAST REVIEW Went on a sunday and the Friday following. Please be aware that weekdays arnt as good, the (hot) food sits there for a while bc there arnt many people which is understandable. I recommend if you are going for a special occasion or for the first time, go on the weekend so the hot food is more fresh (the bacon became hard and eggs were likewarm) - if you want a non-busy day, i recommend friday morning Hot food included: chicken sausages, pork sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, grilled tomatos, scrambled + poached eggs, streaky + shoulder bacon, egg bene, fried rice, pancakes, waffles - also omelettes made to order Continental: various cereals, soy + trim + full milk, yogurts, bagels, spreads, congee, cold museli, various strewed and fresh fruit, ice cream, choco fountain Buffet Included barista made coffees and unlimited juice: orange, apple, cranberry, tomato, feijoa

Buffet at Eight was always a treat. Delicious, fresh and a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines. Great ambience and friendly staff. It is totally worth it.

Great variety and presentation. Staff were congenial and helpful. The atmosphere is nice and I've actually been there once before. Food quality is good and plenty of choices available. A nice place to dine overall. My only beef is that I feel it's overpriced.

Wow!!! Only been once so far, during lunch & turned up late with only 30-40 mins to scoff my face.... what a treat. Loved it. And next visit I'll be early. No complaints. Beautiful atmosphere.

Really great here! Enjoyed it !. I like that it's a buffet with different varieties of food. And the atmosphere is great !. The waiters and waitresses here are friendly. Great service and I will be coming back here.

Possible the best restaurant in the Auckland!! Give dining and service to another level. Every single kind of fine dining food you can imagine. The oysters are fresh, small and yummy. The desserts are 👌 Very pricey so a once a year occasion or very special occasion.

Always a pleasure ... Took my elderly mother and son for breakfast .. My mother was tired walking from the carpark to the lobby so I pushed her in her walker across the lobby to the restaurant. Staff was so kind to guide us conveniently through the rear kitchen to enter the restaurant. Much obliged. Always love having breakfast here you can never go wrong.

*This review is for the lunch buffet* Dined here for the first time with my partner as a treat. They do table bookings online but there weren't that many people when we went anyway. The staff show you round if it's your first time and then you're ready to feast! My partner and I started on different stations, sharing plates so we could sample a bit of everything. Despite our best efforts we couldn't try all the food on offer as there's a true cornucopia of variety. My favorites were the Japanese sushi and sashimi, and the Tandoor kitchen. The sashimi is very fresh and their salmon cuts were marbled which really adds to the flavor. The pasta kitchen was disappointing and looked unloved every time I walked past. Guess no one wanted to load up on carbs. The Movenpick ice cream was great but they only had two flavors; one of them was depleted early during service and was never replaced. New York grill had a great selection of meats but was let down by their over zealous use of salt. The creme brulee deserves a special mention; save space for this one 😋 Overall, a fantastic experience although disappointed by a few stations. Looking forward to their dinner service!

We love Eight it never seems to disappoint. Have celebrated birthdays and have had last minute dinners here. The service and food never disappoint. My favourite part is the seafood bar full of several types of prawns,crabs, and crayfish. If u love seafood like I do,but hate the hefty price you pay for it in auckland markets this is the place for you. I easily can get my money’s worth out of this buffet in the seafood alone. The meat section always has a great selection and includes exotic meats such as kangaroo and ostrich. There is an expansive fresh fish section where they cook your selection to order that typically has several fish choices, Clams and mussels. The sushi is always fresh and the Indian section has many choices to offer. They have a new pasta section that was very nice the last time we visited. The desert section is extensive and has something for every Type of sweet tooth.

Beautiful food with a great selection, great staff and easy atmosphere. This place is recommended for special occassions e.g. birthdays, graduations, anniversaries etc

Been here a few times and always tend to over indulge lol. Every time has been good. This particular time though we had a very pleasant and attentive waitress who made our dining experience that little bit better. Food is always good and fresh. Dining at lunch time is goid as it's cheaper than dinner service. You can get anything from soups, fresh sushi, sashimi., fresh fish cooked to order as well as a selection of meats to desserts. There's something for everyone.

Been here a number of times with family and high standard never drops. Always welcomed with friendly smiling staff who are most helpful. The selection of food is not enough to fit on one plate I suggest you pace yourself. Lovely atmosphere very comfortable.

I and my friend visited this place on Wednesday 13th September 2017 for a quick drink at about 12 am. The place was not busy at all. There were only two tables occupied. I ordered a non-alcoholic drink, Virgin Vaka Vaka. The F&B steward responds, "Sorry, we can't serve you with mocktails because, this is grave-shift and we are short staffed, and if we do we need to serve the drinks to everyone." I said, "Ok, I want to see your manager." His response, "If you really want mocktail, we can make an exception for you." Shocking!!! Seriously Shocking! I would understand if the place is busy, and you are short staff. The time we arrived, it was not busy at all. I would see this as laziness of the staff. I would think twice before coming to this place next time. Secondly, you can't say no to customer unless they are intoxicated Even if they are intoxicated you do provide them with an alternative such as water or food. But I ordered a non-alcoholic drink. I am very disappointed with the kind of service I have received . In my previous visits, the Indian manager boasted that I have done Masters in International Hospitality Management and looked down on us. Seriously, Langham.

Came for dinner with friends and it's always consistently satisfying here. The foods don't blow you away but they're pretty good and much better than any other buffets I've been to. I always try to have bit of everything but I find I can't make it most of the time and end up waddling out the door from what I have had. Service and ambience are consistently good as well.

Went for breakfast and was suprised at the selection! I reckon its more worth than the dinner buffet Ranged from various pastries, even a gluten free section, bagels, poached eggs, cold meats and cheese, muesli and various yoghurts, icecream, waffles - you name it, they've got it! If you go out for brunch in AKL and have a big meal with a coffee, it would probably cost similar. Highly recommended, esp if you are staying the night there!

The best buffet in Auckland! Very expensive though but i guess it's worth it because there's a vast variety to choose from! I suggest starving yourself the whole day so you can make use of the plethora of food choices to consume there lol.

During my stay at the Langham I had dinner and two breakfasts here, each dining experience was 10/10, the staff were very friendly and attentive, the quality of food matched the quantity (Huge!!) , Definitely worth every cent !

I've had mixed experiences at Eight. Service is always very good, but on my birthday I opted to have dinner here with my partner and was disappointed. I did love the idea of trying meat I'd never had before, but it ended up being overcooked, as was the fish. I definitely don't consider Eight to be good value. The $200 (for both of us) would have been better spent elsewhere for a well cooked meal. It was convenient to dine here as we were staying at The Langham, but I wouldn't return for dinner. Breakfast on the other hand is a lot better.

The atmosphere is classy and most of the staff are lovely. The guy at the front was so nice remembering name etc. the staff at the front seemed a bit rude and didn't speak to everyone. But the food variety was next level, so many different choices to choose from and all tasting fresh. Was a little sad as my favourite flavour ice cream ran out before I got to deserts... so maybe make desert first to prevent that ☺️

Too expensive for what it is - went for lunch recently and the rice was dry - bread and butter pudding dry - Creme brûlée' only had a 2 tablespoons worth of custard -! sushi station was really good though - won't be returning in a hurry - standard of food has dropped over the years

Great customer service, fresh produce and an overall good experience......................................................................................

Love eight kitchens! The quality and taste of the food is superb! And the service is excellent! Both the waiters and cooks always have an eye for detail and make sure you have an enjoyable experience. The price per person is fairly pricey and the only down side to it is that the bill has to be paid for using one payment i.e if you're in a group, only one individual can make the payment for you all and not multiple payments. They should be more flexible with this. Overall, excellent restaurant, amazing food and I highly recommend it for any special occasion!

I love this restaurant so much! In my opinion, it is the best buffet in Auckland. Although it is a little expensive, the variety and quality of the food make up for it. There are so many different types of seafood (my favourite!) so I was pretty excited. I definitely recommend this buffet.

There is a huge variety of food and options. The seafood is fresh and the sushi bar has a chef actively making sushi for you. The restaurant itself has a great classy atmosphere and the waiters and prompt with clearing away finished plates. The restaurant has different sections in terms of culture e.g. One section for Indian food and another section for Japanese. So you can choose and pick whatever you like.

Came here for our annual visit for family birthdays on a Sat lunchtime. Two of our party have Langham cards & we have been loyal customers to both Eight & its predecessor for more than two decades. On the positive side, the fresh food such as sashimi & sushi & freshly cooked fish & meat & cheeseboard was lovely. Having the salad bar manned was a nice touch. Sadly however, the food options haven't developed since Eight's inception. Usual suspects at Indian section, dessert section, bread section, fish & meat & roast area. Would have liked to see some different options available to give variety as nothing has changed in years. Watery chocolate fountain was very popular but seeing how people use it, there needs to be instructions as it will be filled with contaminants (refused to use). Nice setting & loved the birthday chocolates but having to ask repeatedly for coffee at the end showed how busy & understaffed Eight was. While we enjoyed our lunch, it did seem expensive for what we ate & thankful we had a discount available. Nice for an annual treat but would prefer more variety for the cost!

Went for lunch . Great experience . The variety was perfect for me . Meat station was awesome but what topped it off for me was the desert station. Probably best buffet desert I've had . Service was awesome . Ka Pai Eight!!

Came here for a friends birthday dinner. It is an amazing restaurant, the food tastes great and the seafood is cooked infront of you where u can choose how much seasoning and which sauces u want. There is cuisine from every continent and includes a chocolate fountain. Restaurants atmosphere is calm and looks very formal and clean

For the price paid, this buffet cannot compete with buffets in the US. Reasonable selections, quite fresh ingredients, beautiful arrangements & their beverages were yummy. Sushi & sashimi selections were not that fresh and with less variety .. quite disappointed. Oysters were quite small in size and not as fresh as expected. Very happy with the grilled meat (sirloin) & the grilled prawns (very fresh & tasty). Desserts are great too especially Creme Brulee .. a MUST TRY!! Only 1 flavour of Movenpick ice cream to choose from. The chocolate fountain was a disappointment though, tasted bitter & bland when dipped with fruits. The best part of this buffet is their staff & services .. our waitress was very friendly & professional .. great job!!

Great food. It was close to $100 per head but totally worth it. So many options there and so many food that I haven't tried before. Love the varieties and environment. Thumbs up!

Celebrated xmas party dinner with workmates in here. Wide variety of food from European to Asian cuisine. the buffet food didn't disappoint. 👍🏻

I came here for lunch and was very excited after reading all the good reviews! Unfortunately, I was left quite disappointed. The food was very average and there wasn't much variety. Perhaps during dinner there is more to choose from. However, their seafood selection was quite extensive but as someone who doesn't enjoy seafood, it didn't do me any favours. If you enjoy seafood, you may have a more pleasant experience! I liked the sushi and the fresh meat selection but would prefer to go elsewhere for that for a fraction of the cost. Not a horrible experience, just not the place for me!

Best buffet in Auckland, love their Asian cuisine,Service is great, food is fresh and delicious, but the price is too expensive for a poor people like me, really wish to come again

Ambience & atmosphere: 4.5/5 - A cosy restaurant set at the Langham Hotel! They have a buffet which is second to none and a restaurant menu which is equally impressive. Definitely go in there with on an empty stomach as you'll be left quite saddened if you don't get to try most on the menu 💪💪 Quality of service: 4.5/5 - As expected, the service at the Langham is exactly what you'd expect from a top level hotel. The dinning areas are quite outdated however which is only a very minor niggle at an otherwise well rounded dining experience.  Quality of food: 4/5 - Excellent menu however since they do cater for a large number of people and quite a rapid rate, they finishing isn't exemplary.   Price per person: $70-100

Came here for lunch three times, breakfast once and xmas lunch once. The staff (waiters/chefs) are always a bit tense probably overworked since the food is sensational and place is always busy.  Nothing better than freshly cooked food... We also eat at least 3 creme brulees each for the lunch visit. Theres an extensive selection of meats which is popular. But personally I go for the fresh fish stir fry w vege and sauce, they have all kinds of fresh fish fillet. And I am a sucker for curry, naan and rice so I always visit the curry section twice.

Came here to celebrate hubby's birthday for the lunch buffet and it did not disappoint. Our favourite kitchens are the sushi, seafood, meat and desserts kitchens. Unfortunately when we came there was no chocolate fountain, but there was a caramel fountain. As a chocolate lover I was a bit sad but it's alright as the other food were still delicious. The service was attentive and overall it's a good lunch.

Best buffet in auckland I reckon. Their food is just yum. Large selection of different food and high quality. From European to Asian cuisine. Love their desserts too. We ate too much 😂

Great selection of various foods mostly cooked/put together on the spot as you wish. Elegant and romantic atmosphere, it's lovely to dine here. Service is great, food is fresh and delicious.

Hands down best buffet in Auckland!!! I can't say anymore. Just go there and eat! You'll have one of the best dining experiences in your life. 😁

Awesome experience at eight ! Food was really good and excellent service. It is expensive at $100 a head but if you love fine food and can eat lots of it like i can its worth the money. We even got a little chocolate gift for our anniversary which was a nice touch. Definitely going back with a group of friends.

I have been here twice for lunch and all I can say is Everything was perfecto 👌🏽 food still amazing and staff were welcoming and friendly thank you for the awsome service guys.

Eight is a fantastic restaurant that offers a wide range of cuisines to satisfy anyone. The Japanese station had different kinds of sushi and sashimi, as well as very delicious miso soup. The salad bar had a good selection of vinegars, I loved the Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar. The grill station had exotic game meats like ostrich and kangaroo, the sirloin steaks were cooked to perfection to suit anyone. The seafood section was absolutely delicious, they had so many different types of fish of different texture and sinew to enjoy. Other highlights include artisan breads, fresh oysters and gourmet desserts. My favourite part was the pasta station, they had so many different pasta types to try and the sauces were delicious. The restaurant is spacious and the servers were extremely helpful. I would come back here again, hopefully soon.

This is the best place to eat. It is quite expensive, but worth it , totally worth it. The food was sooo amazing, and the desserts was so delicious. I would definitely go back here. And also recommend this restaurant.

A friend hosted his 21st here. Don't forget the strawberry cheesecake. The place is quite spacious but I imagined it to be a little bit bigger and the food layout to be a lot simpler as it was a tiny bit confusing to locate some of them. There's a good range of different cuisines that you could try out but at the end of the day, dessert hit the spot. The sushi section was on point as it had a good mixture of the sour taste from vinegar and the fillings. The seafood range was expected but as for the different types of fish when cooked, it could use a little bit more of salt and pepper. Oysters were lovely though. What was surprising was the meat section - the roasted beef and baby carrots were lovely. The Polenta and roasted potato with coconut cream were my favourites. The kangaroo and venison were a bit chewy and it could use a little bit more salt. The surprise was the OSTRICH - this is the first time I've tasted ostrich so I didn't know what to expect. The texture felt like a little rubbery chewy version of chicken and the taste was a little bit bland (kind of a mixture between chicken and fish), but again, could use a bit more seasoning. If you're a MEAT LOVER, definitely would recommend this and give it a try. The dessert section was the best part if the meal as there were so many selections. However the STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE, along with the addition of the PASSIONFRUIT sauce that a friend told me to add on, were the winners of the night. The mixture of the two combinations and between the sweet and sour taste hit the spot immediately for me. Would definitely recommend this one. Taste - 9/10 Quality - 10/10 Ambience - 10/10 Service - 10/10

I loved this place. Came here to celebrate my partners birthday. The lady that served us was so generous and got him a card signed by the staff. I definately had to tip her. I just had a small problem with the crustaceans, they were not cooked all the way flavour...i just felt so bad for the little buggers...since they are so expensive. Thats the only criticism i would give. All the other resturants were de-li-cious

A friend hosted his birthday dinner here. The kitchen was smaller and fewer range than I expected. The sushi was good, the rice vinegar is strong--which is EXACTLY what sushi should taste like! The meats were well cooked and a good selection; even with kangaroo and ostrich meat to choose from! Very interesting textures, though seasoning could be a bit more exciting. The roasts on the side were good, my favourite would be the Cream Coconut and Potato (?), and Lamb with Baby Carrots. The ostrich meat was more chewy than I expected as well, but definitely worth a try! The Polenta and Halloumi was lovely! Probably excelled more than the meat for me. Oysters and seafood was fresh as well, if you are a seafood fanatic I recommend you try them! They have a wide range of desserts as well, presentable and intricate. Personal favourite is the big slice of strawberry cheesecake, which is heavenly if you add a drizzle of passionfruit sauce on it. Service is very prompt and very friendly! Food: 9/10 Ambience: 10/10 Service: 10/10

The best buffet Ive yet to find one better with such great a great selection of dishes to choose from . Especially great are the chef whom are friendly and know how to cook a steak and sumai . We have all our large family dinners here and will continue to untill the food changes

I find the seafood not the freshest when i went on a Tuesday night. For that price, would expect better food. A great nice variety of choices though.

Enjoyed our dinner buffet today. My favourite ranking is from the sashimi, the chocolate fountain then the seafood grill section. It is a little disappointing that the wagyu beef has been removed and not much speciality for the rest, but giving a high rating due to the great customer services. P.S. The sofa bench is uncomfortable to sit on.

Amazing restaurant! Everything from the meat to the seafood, pasta & pastries was presented so beautifully and tasted soo good! There's no other buffet like it, and to top it all off our waiter was super attentive and accomodating, outstanding service. A nice cozy venue, professional, casual yet elegant. Top notch stuff

Had my birthday dinner was abit pricey, maybr too pricey? A good variety of ethnic foods, seafood especially. Different types of meat to choose from also and they cook it just how you like it. Staff was attentive to us, they take you through the Buffett if its your first time. The chocolate fondue was my highlight, would like more variety of fruits to dip in there. But the dessert section was buffet restaurant heaven.. I saw someone that had a burger and hot chips but didnt know that that was available there. Will go again maybe on a special occasion and with an empty stomach to make the most of all the food there.

It's ok , like a top end valentine's. Good variety of food to choose from and they cook it just how you like it. Have been a couple times but prefer an actually dinning experience over a buffet type dinner.

Amazing experience! Such a great variety. Beautiful seafood and amazing dim sum. Extra special. Definitely recommend for a special occasion.

My job takes me all over the world and having a love for breakfast buffets, Eight at the Langham has reserved a special place in my heart. Having been here multiple times for breakfast and lunch I always enjoy the variety of food available. What's just as good is the immaculate service provided to any and every person attending the buffet. I cannot speak highly enough of this place and already looking forward to my next visit 👌🏾

It's not our first experience at Eight. Over the years I noticed the price of a buffet dinner has gone up quite considerably. One thing it hasn't changed - good & efficient service. Good variety & choice of food.  I also like its coffee & tea which came with individual pot - very classy. The most unimpressive sector might well be awarded to the Japanese - the chef only focused on preparing food & hardly looked up to greet his customers; maybe he needed an assistant. (Food - 4/5; Service - 5/5; Ambience - 4.5/5)

Great food, went there for lunch on an empty stomach, what a choice, could only manage two plates and dessert - well worth it on a special occasion

It's very hard to fault this place. Have been here over the last 5 years. There's literally something for everyone. The food is great and fresh, and the staff are so friendly and polite at each station. It was a bit strange to be called ma'am and sir but i guess because it is in a hotel they do have overseas clientele who may want to be greeted that way. Definitely a very formal relationship between serving staff and customers. It's not a criticism just an observation. They are all extremely lovely and i'm sure it's just an expectation management has put on them.  The steak stations is great, salad bar is lovely too. Quiet a costly experience in the weekend but totally worth it !

I have been to the buffet at Eight three times now. Each time has been excellent! My most recent visit was a few months’ ago when I took my older sister for lunch for her birthday. Once I had explained to her the ‘Eight’ different themed kitchens and how it works, she was super excited.

The ultimate best buffet in auckland! You have a whole variety of different succulent dishes and you must go to this restuarant with a big appetite lol 👌 Fanga Pouvalu

First time to visit there for Monday dinner with friend. We purchased one grabone voucher at $165.00 for two person include one glass of wine each. It's a good deal, and service is very very nice. But ... food materials are not match with the price. For example, oyster is too small size, too many common baked desserts, only a little bit cut ready fresh fruits.

To be quite honest here- I don't understand what the hype is all about. Apart from the "elegant decor and expensive location". The food was average.. the only kitchen I liked was the meats and the seafood .. the butter chicken and Indian food were on the bland side . The service is too slow, having to wait on drinks for ages especially when it's not that busy. Food can definitely be improved to be worth the kind of money they charge you. Still - better than many of the other restaurants I've been too. The idea of 8 kitchens as a buffet is quite unique :) love the concept ❤️

My partner and I celebrated our anniversary here, best buffet we ever had. Fresh, tasty and high quality food. Service is 5 star. We will definitely go back.

Have to agree with the bulk of reviewers opinions on here. I am not a buffet lover but this was exceptionally good. Loved the fresh sushi & sashimi selections & the fact it is made front up & deliciously fresh. Deserts were to die for too just wished I hadn't over indulged so much though. Oh well lots of hiking this trip again

I have read a lot of the reviews before writing my own to further vindicate my review and opinion.The establishment as a whole is fantastic, but be warned you are more going here for the experience and selection rather than the actual food in some sections. Me and my partner visited the restaurant for a post valentines day dinner as prices were quite high on valentines day ($179? or maybe less) compared to today which was $99. When we arrived we were promptly greeted by friendly wait staff and seated just as swiftly. (however on a side note, none of the staff noticed or offered to take the umbrella to put aside that was in my hands, granted I did not mention it, but it would be nice if details like this were taken care of for you). After being seated the waitress asked if we would like to be shown around or let free to explore, we chose to be shown around which was nice and helped with any social anxiety of doing the wrong thing.We started with salads and sushi. Every piece of sushi I tried was fantastic, very well made and delicious. In the salad station; nothing was overly different from your normal cucumber and potato salad but it did include some higher quality items with the raw salmon being wonderful.After this, we moved to the meat and fish station. The meat was the biggest let down for me sadly (which disappoints me as I am a huge meat lover) the meat lacked flavour most of all the cooking of each different meat was not catered for, either being undercooked (which isn't particularly a problem with red meat if you don't mind rare) or over cooked making it chewy. The ability to try different meats you would not typically find in other restaurants such as ostrich and alpaca was a treat; however, with the method of cooking and the lack of taste, for me it was very difficult to taste any difference between the four meat I has chosen which was eye fillet, venison, ostrich and alpaca. They all tasted very similar with the only difference being the texture, with my sub-par memory I had forgotten the order which the meat had been placed on my plate so I have little clue as to what I was eating. Little things like a toothpick with a name label of the meat  to placed into it after being cooked would be handy. The cooking of the meat is also and issue, having one chief with a queue of people is not ideal; the chief feels rushed to quickly cook the meat and deliver it to the guest. Which affects the quality of meat. If you really want to enjoy the meat. Pick one type of meat at a time, maybe then the chief can focus on it a bit better. The flavour can't be helped, I selection of sauces would help, but I did not see any.The fish station was good. Cannot complain, haven't had much experience with good fish, but from what I could tell it was good. My favourite being the baby octopus. Very flavourful with a wonderful texture.I did not visit the indian station; as being indian myself, I was not in the mood to waste my stomach space on food that I have tasted all my life. So I cannot comment on the quality, from face value it looked okay.The last savoury food I tried was the pasta station. They had pizza there; but it was mediocure pizza with no visual appeal, only had three type of two which I could rememeber were salami and cheese.I chose to have Strangozzi? (can't remember 100% on the pasta type, many to choose from) with mushroom sauce. Again, the stress ont he chief to prepare the food for the guest in a timely manner affects the food. As she felt rushed, I ended up with slightly undercooked pasta; it was good none the less, but if someone who were to care a lot if their pasta was cooked properly or not were to have eaten it; they would not be happy. The chief maybe needs to be instructed by the guest to take their time, good food is better than rushed food. So that let me down in the pasta station. I also noticed, she washed the pan she made othe sauces on with just water. Simply rinsing away previous sauce and then wiping it clean. Understandable I guess? but a bit of soap and water would not hurt.The last station we visited was the dessert station. For me it did not really dissapoint; finding a bountiful amount of mud cake to calm my cravings. My partner also found quite a few items to try as she has a more eclectic taste. They also had a strawberry fountain and two ice creams to chose from.What I found ridiculous was the lack of soft drink; if Carls Jnr can offer free refills of soft drink with a medium combo, you'd think a big restaurant charging up to $99 a person could offer the same privileges. Alcohol is understandable, but only offering water is a bit disappointing for the price. Now the price is also up for debate. I understand the quality and slection of the food is high, but a human can only fit so much in their stomach in one sitting. So one is not likely to eat $99 worth of food in one go, not saying it's not possible but for argument's sake I thought I'd mention. As I know, this is how companies like this make money. But for someone like my partner who has a small stomach, the cost of the dinner is ridiculous, so you really do pay for the experience. Long story short, if you can fit a large amount of food in a 2hour period, this is the place for you. If you have a small stomach, you are paying for the experience and selection; so pace yourself out. Upon paying, staff were very friendly and helpful again, but to my shock; I noticed that there were not after dinner mints available. Places like Genghis Khan have after dinner mints, but no the great Langham hotel. All and all, I found the restaurant a treat and would consider going again. Everything stated above is me just being honest with users of Zomato and giving my honest opinion and things which stood out to me. I would consider visiting once more in the near future.I hope this review helps in making your dicision to eat the eight restaurant.

It's a buffet that you go into when you want to splurge and indulge yourself with a variety of food! Their seafood choices are one of the best in auckland. Loved how there are different varieties of dessert in small servings as well. Service is exceptional. You have to be at least really hungry to be able to enjoy the price here. Would definitely come back but only for really special occasions.

I would say this was one of the best buffets I've ever been to.Wide selection of food and amazing quality. Price may seem high but its definitely worth it!

7 out 8 stations were good.  Eight you need to improve your dessert station.  I found the dessert selection stale and unpleasant on the palate.  Pre-made waffles on a bain marie (yuk)

This place lives up to it's expectations. With super interiors, great variety of exotic foods & an insane selection of desserts, we came out of the restaurant with all smiles. All the food ingredients were fresh and I didn't feel bloated despite having a big meal and too many mini-desserts! The service is friendly and quick. Probably the best buffet in Auckland. I'll be coming back to try out the breakfast menu too.

Wonderful experience! This is a top-notch restaurant with friendly and professional staff, great setting and wonderful food! Great choice of meats and the staff grill your meat to perfection on request. Also a big variety of other foods ranging from good quality seafood to sushi to Indian dishes and some others I didn't even get around to. Desserts were good, although I didn't have capacity left to enjoy all of them :) Table was comfortable and spacing of the tables and general atmosphere is such that you don't get disturbed by other parties. Staff were quick to clear your plate and put down new cutlery for your next round, but very polite and didn't disturb our conversation at all. With my son highly allergy to gluten and a few gluten intolerant people in our party, it was also nice to see that all the staff knew exactly what Gluten Free meant and were very helpful in pointing out what dishes and what choices at the sushi bar etc. are safe to eat. Someone even brought my father-in-law a plate with a big variety of G/F dessert options. My wife will tell you that I love food a little more than I should and in 5 years in the country, this is the best dining experience I've had in New Zealand.

We came here for staffs' Christmas dinner. It was my first time visiting, and it definitely lived up to expectations. The interior was so beautifully and magnificently decorated, definitely provided us with the romantic Christmas atmosphere. Service was beyond friendly and attentive too. The food selection was extensive, with all sort of exotic cuisines on offer - from curry & garlic butter naans, dim sums, pasta, to all sorts of roast meats and seafood. All the ingredients were fresh and of excellent quality, definitely a seafood lover's heaven. My favourite was the desserts section. While the caramel fountain was beautiful, I recommend their bread & butter pudding, Christmas pudding with beautiful brandy sauce, and cream brûlée. They were all exceptionally well made and hearty. And of course, do not pass on the Movenpick ice cream either ;) Although it is not particularly cheap for a lunch, it is well worth the money. I would visit again.

Have been here probably 5 times in the last 5 years. Some for dates and some for a family celebration. Love their sushi selection and also meat and seafood grill area and oh the desserts too! The only downer is their indian food. The curries taste funny. Everything else is great. Bring a healthy appetite.

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