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Yummiest food ever! Freshest fish and food comes out quick and very tasty. Also last time we were there they weren’t happy with the quality of of one of the foods we had ordered and come out to let us know they didn’t/wouldn’t serve that and have a very yummy alternative! Always a pleasure eating there!

I would certainly make a reservation to eat here. We rocked up while most of auckland were still on holiday yet they were almosty fully booked. We were told if we could be out by 7.30 we could have a table. No problem there! There did appear to be a little confusion over who was looking after us by the young greaters but we were suddenly shown to our table. Menu is varied and good to see it seperated uinto different categories . We chose the yakitori chicken skewers, tempura vegetables and the pork miso katsu. Food came out quickly. Very hot and tasty. We fulfilled our promise to be out by 7.30! When we left there was actually a queue outside waiting to come inside.

Always great food in this popular & busy restaurant. It can get a bit cramped & noisy in there though. However, the food is always consistently good.

4/5 Taste 4.5/5 Display 4/5 Quantity 4/5 Customer Service Japanese fine dining at its finest. Musashi is just great. Beautiful display, awsome taste and best of all its not too pricy. Maybe because its not located in central areas. Perfect place to go when you need to impress your missus but no need to get married yet sorta date.

Friendly staffs.Amazing food on my table dishes were presented amazingly, our dinner was delicious, thanks again. Tasted authentic. Absolutely recommended.

The location is a bit off for me as I don't go to Milford much. It's quite a boring suburb you see. But I must give a 5 star rating for their food and service you get for the bang. For lunch, you get the beautiful looking instragram friendly and also tasty Japanese set meal under $20. I think it's a steal for this price such a high quality well prep Japanese cousine. Staff are really friendly as well. So this place deserves a full 5 star rating.

Had a nice lunch here with my mum. The atmosphere and decor are lovely. The staff are all really friendly. I ordered a grilled salmon lunch set and it was really good. The miso sauce on the salmon was nice and the salmon itself was tender and cooked well. The lunch set comes with heaps of sides including salad, miso soup, sushi, rice and a mini créme brûlée. It was really filling and decently priced. I’d definitely visit again given its great food and close proximity to my house.

Loved eating at Musashi. Cannot wait to come back. The food was extremely appealing to the taste buds as well as the eyes. I had a great experience eating the Chicken Katsu Zen. Seeing the meal cook in front of you made the experience fun. The meal had a generous serving of chicken. The sides that came along with the meal made it an enjoyable experience. Having said that, I am not sure if I would visit this place for dinner, as I am not convinced with the prices on the dinner menu. Nevertheless, I would definitely be going back for lunch.

Delicous Japanese food that is beautifully presented. They tend to get busy quick so call ahead of time but my god the girl on the phone had the worst communicating skills I have ever heard and they blast the music really loud, took me a solid 10 minutes to make a booking. That aside tho the food was great. I have been here many times and the food has always been good. The prawn twisters are my personal fave, crunchy and full of flavour. It is very worth if you come at lunch because they give you a lot in a set and you will definitely get full. Lots of options too, I would recommend upgrading your salad to the tofu salad cause it is actually really really good, and you can upgrade your miso to udon too which was also really delicious. There were some elements I did not like, the dessert egg was too sweet, the sushi rice was too sticky, the salad was too bland, the pickles I can never stand and The place can get very noisy and crowded (lots of kids on the weekend). These are just things I personally don’t like tho as it may hit the spot for someone else. All that aside the service is fast, food is overall pretty good and it’s very photogenic hahaha.

Our wedding anniversary celebration & thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Presentation & flavours cannot be faulted. Dishes flowed onto the table - as one was emptied the next one followed. Yummy...we will be back!

Have been to Musashi a handful of times now and always leave very happy and full! The miso Katsu chicken is a must every time and there kids menu is a 5/5

Best Authentic Japanese restaurant in Northshore. Fantastic food... my favorite is the fresh Ikura( seasonal), chicken Katsu, mix sashimi, eel sushi and on and on... I m hungry now... get there by 6 pm( make sure you make reservation) and you can park right in front of the door or there is plenty of parking behind the restaurant :)

Really nice Japanese restaurant. Minimalistic as it should be. Prawn twisters with their sauce are quite nice. Miso soup is rich. Green tea keeps coming and is quite special. Everything was so fresh and delicious. Chairs uncomfortable though. Not much atmospheric.

Some of the best service I've ever had, despite it being busy. The staff are really friendly and helpful. Ordered 6 different dishes and each one was better than the last, especially the karaage chicken, it was just beautiful. Would highly recommend! Jasmika Dadi

I've been here before and it's been a great experience, the staff and the food was really good but this time I don't think I want to go back. Not only we were so close with other tables we could here their convo, the food was 45mins late and they didn't know until we told them. We wanted to order other stuff but they "forgot" to write it down and put the order through so we had to wait longer. When we told the staff they made an excuse saying the docket was missing. After the meal not only they did not give us our bill when we asked we also waited to pay. Really hard to get attention.

Very delicious food, been here 4x. A shame lunch is now $17.90 or something like that - used to be $15, which was a great deal. Food - very very delicious! Cook is great, recommend hooba (?) lunch sets where u cook ur own meal, especially the beef and fish. Dessert - dessert in set menus very small... yummy but would be nice if it was larger! Brûlée width was length of my pinky :( maybe have an option to order dessert in larger portion, separately Price - too expensive now, so I don't go anymore. Would be ok as a treat for special occasion.

Visited here for dinner after a family member's graduation. I knew this place gets very busy during dinner hours so I made an appointment. Yes it was another busy night packed with people. We were five people and ordered two appetisers and 5 mains. I am being 100% honest, it took almost half an hour to get our appetisers served to our table and another 20-30 minutes for mains. Also, the mains were not served together so some of us had to wait another good 10-20 minutes while others were having their main because they couldn't wait and make their food cold. Food was just average to be honest. I didn't find it any wow about it but the presentation of each dish was good, way better than other japanese restaurants. However, thinking of its expensive price and small portion, I would expect better taste of the food. Staff were kind and friendly although some staff didn't seem happy maybe because it was too tiring for her to deal with a busy dinner service. I had some expectations from this restaurant because of its high reputation and good reviews but I was really disappointed. I don't really like to visit again.

The food here makes my stomach very happy. If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine you'll want to pay a visit, but make sure you book in advance because the place is packed out. I booked with a large group on a wednesday night, and we were given a nice long row of tables against the wall.  After about 12 minutes the staff came to take our orders. I got the green salad and the tuna steak. The guy next to me ordered the Musashi Zen for 1 person (food envy was real). His arrived in stages, so he had to start eating before anyone else got theirs, which was a little awkward. It seems that the food arrives when it's done, so some people had to eat while others were kept waiting quite a long time. This is why I give Musashi 4 stars - there's room for improvement with the timing of food. But the food itself was wonderful. Beautifully presented and tasty. I sadly left my tuna cooking too long so it got a bit tough, but still yum yum yum. Points to note are they turn the lights off to sing happy birthday, and if a menu item has fire over it, it's because they set it on fire in front of you.


I've been here a couple of times and it's become one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in the shore. I've never been disappointed and the serving is big. I love the miso Katsu both in pork and chicken. You can't go wrong with tempura either. The service is pretty good and when we went tonight, the food was super quick too.

Had an very yummy midweek meal for 2. Service friendly & happy. Food was well presented and tasted great. Will definitely go back and try another dish!

Yummy Japanese food, great location, can pack in countdown, will visit again! Yummy Japanese food, great location, can pack in countdown, will visit again!

Went there with my boyfriend for our first year anniversary. Food was quite yum but a bit over price for what we expected. Table to table is way too close its like We're having dinner with strangers. Highly recommend do not go there if you want to have a quiet night or romantic dinner.

Great comfort food for awful weather! Sushi has always been fresh and the salmon, tasty. Vet generous portions of don buri and the katsu is delicious!

The lunch menu is amazing!! There is so much on the plate and it is all so delicious, despite the fact the price has increased recently. Staff are friendly as well and helpful with suggestions.

Excellent Food! Kid friendly place However..... COUPLES BEWARE.. when Saturday night 6pm. It was full by 6.15pm. Its not a romantic setting at all. Crying babies, kids running.. what is a real shame because the food is so good and cheap. I understand that the staff can't control who comes in but HIGLEY recommend for a quieter night.

Conclusion: If you are looking for authentic Japanese with good value for money, here is the place. If you are looking for a good ambient, relaxing dine out you might be disappointed. I came here with my colleagues for the first time attracted by their very tempting menu. To be honest, they are one of the very few restaurants that included pictures of everything in their menu. When we reached the restaurant, we were shocked by the crowd. All tables were full and we was allocated in a small corner. When we sat down we can hear everything the next table were talking. They have a lot of waiteresses working that night but none of them came to ask if we are ready to order so we had to call them. We waited for more than half an hour for our food to be served. There were 4 groups of people celebrating birthday there so I am guessing we have been neglected. I ordered my favorite Unagi (Japanese grilled eel)and Aoteaora Roll (Snapper and Salmon sushi roll). The taste made up for the noisy environment and long wait. My other colleagues ordered a set of Vegetarian Zen, a Chicken Karaage, and Pork Miso Katsu. All of them said their food were nice and tasty. I came here the second time with my partner for lunch. It wasn't as crowded as dinner time but I waited more than 20 minutes for my food to arrived. My partner got a Teriyaki Chicken Zen. It came with small sides, 2 pieces of salmon sushi, a bowl of rice and miso soup. The chicken was crispy and the sause was nice. But a few pieces were over fried and burned. As I was impressed with their grilled eel so I ordered the Unaju Zen. Still the same good taste but portion wasn't as big as dinner, which I already expected. The set also came together with chicken miso katsu and udon noodle. I shared them with my partner and we both like it. Our set lunch also has a very tiny creme brulee. It was quite unusual in Japanese cuisine but I still like it only if it could be a little bit more solid and less sweet. Overall, it satisfied my taste bud and my craving for Unagi. I would still wanna come back when I think of Japanese food.

Dined here for a bday dinner and the place was pretty packed (Friday night) booking is recommended! The staff were very lovely and attentive. We ordered a mixture of sides and mains and the food came very quickly and was made very well (taste and presentation wise). The ambiance was very old school and the place needs a renovation. I also find it odd that to use to toilet you need to walk past the kitchen. We still prefer the new Lynn branch so far!

One of my favourite Japanese restaurants! The chicken katsu and beef udon are a little sweet but still delicious. The servings are big so its better to choose different dishes and share so you can taste a bit of everything. The service is great as well as the delivery of food. If you are celebrating a birthday or anything special then tell one of the staff and they might just surprise you. The only downside is when you bring your own bottĺe of wine, they charge $4 per glass.

Best value for money! A+ for ambience, A+ for service, and A+ for the food!!! I love how the staff was so understanding and just so nice. The cream brulée we got was a tad watery so we asked them if they could just blow torch it again but they just replaced it and gave us a new one. Same when I asked the salmon to be slightly cooked as well. They took it and even garnished it with some sauce. For $17.90, the food I got, got me sooooo full! I enjoyed everything about this restaurant and highly recommend them for other people to try. You won't be disappointed. Everyone leaves the restaurant with a smile on their face; we did!!! Honestly, I can't properly put into words my amazing experience here so just go try it out for yourself!!! I'll be bringing my friends here again soon!

If you like to get a bit of everything and share lots of food then this is a great place. I went here with my mum and just got a whole bunch of different things. Only downfall would be the tables are very close together so it's a bit annoying to overhear the table next to you conversation and for them to hear yours. If you don't mind that, then this is a great place.

Brilliant from start to finish, me and my girlfriend love it here! The food is superb! The food comes out as and when you want it. The staff are helpful and quick. BYO too so you can take in a nice bottle of wine.

Stopped by for a dinner with a fairly large group. The place was also quite full even though it was a Wednesday night. There happened to be two birthday parties that day and they dim the lights when they bring out the cake/dessert. Even though it was fairly full the service was still quite good. The food was really nice, I went with a beef sukiyaki with a side of katsu. What was interesting was that with the sukiyaki you can order a zousui where they add rice and egg to the left over sukiyaki sauce for a final dish. Really interesting and nice. Good food and nice service so its no surprise that they are busy. If you are really wanting to come here a booking is recommended since they are busy.

Great set lunches for a super value price! Make sure you book as it gets really busy. I love the Kouetsu Zen meal because you get udon noodles, Katsu chicken (yum!) and agedashi tofu to balance the meal. It is also great how you can upgrade your meal if you want something else, great idea! Dinner is slightly dearer but of course more choices. Service is always polite and typical great Japanese service!

Brilliant menu, great service and fantastic tastes.  I have learned that you MUST book if you want to eat here as it is deservedly packed every night of the week.  There are some great Japanese restaurants in Auckland and this is way up there with the best of them.

We visited Musashi a couple of years ago - a place for good Japanese food. The 2 outstanding dishes we had today were: 1) grilled salmon gill with special miso sauce - beautifully cooked & plated, & 2) pork gyoza (steamed dumplings served with sweet sour soy sauce) - soft & juicy. The disappointed dishes were the ones with sushi - the rice were just too loose. On the whole, Musashi is still one of the best Japanese restaurant for casual dining. (Food - 4/5; Service - 4/5; Ambience - 3.5/5)

You can't go wrong with this place. Always busy, lovely atmosphere and everything is so organised. Lovely place to have a good jap meal, food presentation is absolutely lovely, staff are great here too. Lunch or dinner is so yummy for your bellies! :)

Love this place, great service from time of our phone call to book to time of paying. Staff so attentive and really take care of you- super friendly. Food- don’t need to say too much apart from…DELICIOUS. We ordered the edamame, yakatori, agadashi tofu, tuna sashimi, yoza dumplings, vegetable tempura. This was for two people and was enough. Everything came out well presented. Great atmosphere also. They had a new cashier and she as finding it a little difficult as still learning but she was amazing, we didn’t mind waiting because she was happy and bubbly. Will definitely go back.

I love all the Musashi's, but this is the most convenient one for me to get to from the city. Musashi is one of the best quality and value Japanese restaurants in Auckland. It has an extensive menu and the food is consistently outstanding. The salmon sashimi is always melt in your mouth, the sushi is always fresh and good proportions between the rice and key ingredients, the soft shell crab is always on point with generous servings. Musashi has something for everyone on their menu, and is one of my all-time favourite Japanese restaurants that I go to nearly weekly.

We came here for lunch and ordered the grilled salmon zen and chicken katsuni zen. Each priced for $16.90 and quite reasonable as you get a bowl of miso soup, salad, main, sides and dessert. My husband loves his grilled salmon zen lunch but was not too happy that he got salmon wings instead of fillet. Prawn twisters are delicious. Chicken katsuni is creative and filling, overall a very good lunch. Not too fond of the dessert, I think it's a sort of creme brulee but it hasn't set yet and is really sweet.

Visited Musashi at lunch time around 1pm on a Wednesday. There was no wait but the restaurant was filling up fast. Service was prompt and great. Food came out relatively fast. A downside would be the sticky table but they seemed really busy - didnt bother us! The majority of their lunch menu was $16.90 which gave us more freedom to options. We had the miso katsu, pork katsu and a nabe dish. Our dishes were all plated beautifully and tasted amazing. Definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants on the shore. Will be back to try the other items on their menu and their dinner menu as well!

Dined here with my partner for dinner. I booked a table but didn't think it would be too busy being a Wednesday night, however the restaurant was full. I would definitely suggest booking to avoid disappointment. It's quite a small restaurant & the tables are quite cramped, the decor is also a little dated & nothing much. These however are just minor observations if the foods good then I'm happy 😋. The menu at Musashi is massive & we found ourselves very spoiled for choice, after much deliberation we decided on the beef tataki, soft shell crab, squid legs, pork dumplings, chicken katsu & another chicken skewer dish. I felt the pricing of the menu was fair, with a drink each also our bill came to just under $100. We shared all of our dishes & asked that they be served as they were ready which worked well for us. All of the food was served in good time & we enjoyed all of the dishes. With the dumplings they leave them to steam at your table with a timer which I thought was fun & interesting for something different. The staff here are absolutely lovely. Everyone we dealt with was so friendly & attentive, I would say it was some of the best service I have ever received. I would defiantly recommend Musashi if your after casual Japanese.

Visited on New Year's Eve. Lovely food and cozy environment. All staffs are really friendly. They sang birthday song to one of the customer with all lights off. Would love to come back again.

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