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11 months ago

Kids were hungry ate it up before i could get a good pic. The play area for kids is great for family dining. Portion sizes are small for price. Food not as hot, the main things that were hot were the spring rolls & dumplings. Overall the food was tasty and enjoyable as was the dining experience. Good service, good cleanliness.

1 year ago

In need of a quick bite, this place was nearby and looked decent! The menu is long and there are heaps of choices for both food and drinks. We ordered the honey chicken with noodles (soupy with coriander and bok choy) and the three sauce vegetarian chicken. This place is great for vegetarians as they have heaps of vege meat options. My husband is vegetarian and it’s hard to find places that serve these types of dishes. He thought this dish was pretty good! The honey chicken was cooked well and was a generous portion. I would suggest getting the rice as I felt this would pair better than noodles and soup. The dishes a are good portions and reasonable priced. Check it out if your after a cheap eat in Mt Wellington.

1 year ago

The food was alright. We ordered three sauces chicken and I’m not sure what sauces they are but the sauce was pretty salty but was alright when having with rice. Dumpling in hot and sour soup came with generous portion but the taste was not there yet. We used Zomato gold for 2+2 drinks. We ordered pearl milk tea - the tea was average and pearls had good texture but needs to be a bit sweeter, taro milk tea was the best out of 4 drinks we got, ice cream milk tea was pretty much average and mango and passionsfruit punch was average as well. These drinks have big size for dine in so compare to other places in term of pricing, they are pretty good. And the place got play area for kids which is good.

My Kitchen 我家厨房, Mount Wellington
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200 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland
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My Kitchen 我家厨房, Mount Wellington