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11 months ago

Big fan of this place! I think they are easily missed as they opened up right next to Eden noodles which is on its own category of popularity and deliciousness but this place is def worth your visit! Braised pork steamed bun - super jam packed with delicious filling! Not overly salty and the perfect taste and texture. It’s also only $3..... and it’s a solid 10 bites to down. YUM. Tiktak spicy noodles (dan dan) - broth packed with so much Sichuan spice it will numb your intestines but it is well worth it. The medium pictured is $8 but it’s the size of a large so welllll worth your money. The mince ontop has the texture of soft mince rather than crispy (if you’re use to that from Eden noodz) Dumplings in sweet & spicy sauce - BEST EVER. Sauce is oily, spicy & sweet just like you’d expect but the best part is the actual dumpling themselves. They are SO jam packed and absolutely delicious. We all were wowed that every single dumpling we bit into had a chunk of prawn in it wrapped with a very decent serving of pork. These are hard to not love!! Chive pancake - not spectacular but delish! The skin on the outside is so yum and it was crunchy and chewy all at the same time. They pack a lot inside it which is great, however, it is a bit overly oily. Hand pulled beef noodle soup - nothing extraordinary but all elements are good. Noodles have a great texture and had a nice bite, broth is good but better when you add chilli into it (a definite must for any soup noodles in my opinion) and generous portion of noodles & beef. All arounnnnnddddd - give this place a go!! AND GET THE DUMPLINGS. Ps: the owner is also really lovely!!

Tiktak 嘀嗒新食, Mount Eden
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103 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
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Tiktak 嘀嗒新食, Mount Eden