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3 days ago
2 weeks ago

Everything here is always made with such care. I have been coming here once a while ever since they opened. Yesterday we the 14 hour beef brisket, baby pork ribs and curry duck. It was very hard to say which one I liked the most because they were all so delicious. Looking forward to eat here again.

2 weeks ago

I came to Woodpecker Hill on Sunday for their roast with my mum, dad and brother. First of all, the decorations were beautiful, seating was extremely comfortable and cosy and the service was efficient and friendly! Our waiter was lovely and we could tell he really loved his job. He did a great job explaining the menu and giving us recommendations! We decided to get the Sunday slow-cooked lamb, the caramelised red curried baby pork ribs, two bowls of jasmine rice and the bok choy. This was actually the perfect amount for the 4 of us and we managed to eat everything. Firstly, the Sunday slow-cooked lamb is definitely worth ordering, the curry went so well with the lamb and it just added so much wow factor to the dish. I tried the lamb without pouring curry onto it and it was pretty average. Definitely be generous with the curry when consuming the lamb if you do order the dish! Since it was my first time trying the Yorkshire pudding, I actually really like it especially when I poured the curry. The duck fat potatoes were pretty average in my opinion. The only improvement would be to offer to make the curry spicy!  The bok choy was also really juicy and garlicky. It was pretty sweet due to the oyster sauce and being Cantonese myself, I'm not used to having my veggies that sweet but I still liked it! The baby pork ribs were one of my favourites! It was spicy, sweet and flavourful from the caramelisation. The meat was literally falling off the bones so it was cooked to perfection! My dad was so excited about the jasmine rice, he said it was the best bowl of rice he's eaten since it was so fragrant and we're Cantonese so rice is our staple food. I highly recommend Woodpecker Hill and I can't wait to try other dishes from there such as the brisket and the duck!!

Woodpecker Hill, Parnell
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Woodpecker Hill, Parnell