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Bought the small bento box and it was delicious and super generous too!! Would defs buy again!! The Japanese mayo is really good too!!! ❤ affordable and tasty🙏

I've eaten sushi like Sushi Time before . Their sushi is very delicious and fresh . I had the lunch box and combo sushi pack ! Also staffs were all friendly , really yummy sushi!

I didnt feel like eating sushi as i have made sushi for dinner. So i grabbed takoyaki $2 and spicy sweet chicken with salad in sweet mustard $5 were really yummy and good value for money.

I was a regular customer of the Sushi Time, Westfield, WestCity Mall till today. I went to buy some food around 8.40 pm, closing time, after choosing something I asked the girl the total to pay, she kindly say "$10.30 please" and I say, "I got only $10, would you take it? I don't have the $0.30 cents, sorry", then the "manager" appears from behind the girl in a rude and intimidating attitude saying, "nope, the total is $10.30 simple math", I said "yes, I know that, but I don't have then $0.30 cents" he says "don't ******* care I'm the owner and $10.30 is the total? at the same time yelling my 5 years old son saying, "and you, stop touching everything" when he was playing with a little sign he found on the counter, I said "Excuse me but what's wrong with you, he is a child and I'm a regular customer here" and again he says "don't ******* care if you want I will give your sh..t money back, and look after better your kid next time" Amazing way to keep clients happy. This guy should be fired or removed from that position, he is a rude, unpleasant and arrogant.

All these for under $10 dollars! Such an amazing reasonable price for a uni student to pop in for a quick bite! Can't wait to go back and try other dishes!

Another review for a regular. I work in the mall and this is my pick for sushi. So if you were in Westcity go here! My choice is their crispy chicken. Its different to the standard Katsu you get everywhere. Their's is crispy and yet moist inside. Their Japanese mayo is delicious too. I usually ask the lovely owners to custom make my sushi with crispy chicken extra mayo and pickled ginger in the roll itself. They even do an 'all crispy lunch box'. I am yet to get the same taste anywhere else. I wish they opened in Onehunga too so I could have it even when not at work ;) P.S. - I hope they don't use some addictive substance in it cz I am surely addicted!!

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Westfield WestCity Mall, Shop 222, Level 2, 7 Catherine Street, Henderson, Auckland
09 8362071
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