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1 year ago

First time here, great service, the guy who served me was friendly and helpful. I ordered Zeelong milk tea with pearls, sugar 70%, tastes delicious. So flavorful, one of the best milk teas I've tired.

1 year ago

HiTea has opened an outlet on Ti Rakau, East Tamaki opposite the Mercedes dealership in the same block as the Tofu shop and Fruit World. Opened from 11am to 12pm Monday to Sunday. Service is friendly and fast, the produce is very good and fresh as they're sourced every morning or from the neighboring fish, meat and veggie shops. It has been open for two weeks now and I have eaten there 5 days straight. The stock is to my liking and you can dictate how spicy you want it. I would describe their stock as a hybrid of Tom Yum and Laksa flavors. The drinks are good maybe a bit pricey but a nice change from the norm of western drinks but folks I'm here for the "pick, weigh pay and eat" steamboat and now a stir fry is avail too on certain days. The steamboat/hotpot is great for those cold nights that are coming soon. We spent around $15.00 to $30.00 for the two of us. The cheap night we went just veggies and broth, the pricier night we went meats and seafood. The noodles and meats are dry so they don't rip you off with having hydrated product. A choice of 58 ingredients (30 veggie, 28 non veges) makes good pickings for carnivores, vegans and ketonians. Place is clean, cool and modern, great to bring all generations and there is plenty of parking which is pretty good especially at night (pretty well lit too). Roland and crew (who he calls family), keep up the good work and don't burn yourselves out! These young group of friends are keen to make their mark in the world and make their folks proud, happy to support them! good bunch of kids! Almost forgot to say beer by the bottle and tap (Sapporo) beers is also available if you want to neutralize the spices!

HiTea, Burswood
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290 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood, Auckland
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HiTea, Burswood