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1 month ago

They have some really nice Tteokbokki - a popular Korean spicy streetfood with rice cake, fish cake, a variety of seafood and heaps of melted cheese on top. Many Korean restaurants in Auckland have have this in their menu and I think this place makes the best one! I also really like the OddolBbyeo - spicy stir-fried chicken cartilage with vegetables. All these spicy dishes can be a lot more enjoyable if you add seaweed rice balls, as it will neutralise the spiciness and make it extra filling.

1 month ago

Came in yesterday night with friends after design hand in. Tried the budae-jjigae ($40) with the extra glass noodles. Glass noodles were only $3 but they gave an extra large portion inside the pot. Tasted extra good when it was cooked with the spicy soup, sausages and luncheon meat. Loved the whole feeling of sharing a large korean hot pot with friends after an exhausting day of design. They also had free maxim coffee and tea packets by the water, which was a bonus :))))

2 months ago
Dong De Moon 불꽃닭발, Auckland CBD
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42D High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
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Dong De Moon 불꽃닭발, Auckland CBD