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1 year ago

One of my favorite milk tea shop in Auckland ~ Newmarket just suddenly starting have lots of milk tea shop, I actually try all of them already however daye still is my favorite ~ Highly recommend their rock melon slush with cream foam which I always order it. I do really like cream foam drink, and also tried lots of different shop’s one. My favorite still going to be this one!!!!! U actually can taste the green tea flavor trough the drink, go really well with the fruit~ good flavoring balance~ Haven’t try their food and dirty milk tea, but I do saw someone post their milk tea drink on the ins said is nice ~maybe next time< Rock melon slush with cream foam 10/10 Blueberry slush with cream foam 7/10 Watermelon slush with cream foam 8/10 Strawberry slush with cream foam 8/10 Kiwi fruit slush with cream foam 8.5/10 (compare with other fruit, kiwi fruit one is a little bit sour but I like it~ :) Yep I am the cream foam drink lover Hhhh:)

1 year ago

Visited lunch just today. We were entertaining friends , and enjoyed everythomh. We chose to stay to study 😊. I just want to say that, in addition to a nice meal, we had friendly staff. which had just the right balance of friendliness and efficiency. we stayed for the whole afternoon and they did not rush us. Nice Milk tea & food

Daye Tea, Newmarket
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19 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland
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Daye Tea, Newmarket