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3 years ago

Situated at a busy area, they serve good and varieties of chineese food. They also have many lunch n meal combos. Reasonable price and very good quantity. Had ordered chicken n steak Chowmein with crispy noodles. Enjoyed it completely !

3 years ago

I get my Singaporean Noodles from them from time to time and they are always busy. They used to be one of the top Chinese Takeaways in Auckland but I feel the standards have gone down a little over the last year but considering how popular they still are they must be doing ok ;-) Service 4/5 Quality 4/5 Quantity 5/5 Environment 3/5 Price 3/5

Diamond Takeaway, Epsom
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166 Great South Road, Epsom, Auckland 1051
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Diamond Takeaway, Epsom