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11 months ago

Best burger in Auckland. Closest thing to In N Out in NZ! Double beef and cheese is the best. The sauce is the best. The cheese fries are the best. Shake out is the best. Service: 5/5 Environment: 4/5 Presentation: 5/5 Food Quality: 5/5 Food Quantity: 5/5 Price per person: $20-$25

11 months ago

Love the simple menu and the self serve sauces. Beef patty was juicy but brioche buns were the highlight. Would definitely go again. Atmosphere waa good, staff were friendly. Loved ordering from the tablets too.

1 year ago

Tried for the 1st time to use a voucher up. Really really nice cheese burger. And a very good shake. Good healthy portion sizes ! Smart. Fries are fries. But also very good. Kind of pricey but the quality is tops. Simple minimal menu - smart again. Friendly helpful staff member explained the tablet ordering system - very easy. At the well known international Mc Burger franchise I always avoid the self order machine & order off a staff member as I feel I'm doing the job of the staff. I like to just say my order - they do the work - not me. No cash... interesting. Smart from a business perspective. But a lot of people still use it. What if my 74 year old father in law with Parkinsons shuffled in there with his $20.00 he grabbed out the car ? Then he realises he needs to go back out to his car to get his card to pay ? Maybe it would all seem a bit hard & he would just drive off. (Hypothetical scenario - but he's real) I'm sure the analysts factored in the probability of this type of scenario - & deduced they can afford to lose the odd sale because some old timer only had cash. I can see when its busy that very minimal interaction between staff & customers is required for a sale. You tap in your order - you take your number disc - you go pick up your food. Mine will always be takeout - the venue is clean & tidy but lacks any shred of atmosphere. Human interaction is under rated - ' but the ordering system is 'the way of the future' according to the staff member. Certainly a slick business model & probably here to stay. I'm all for change but if this is the future, I don't like it. But I did love the burger, so will probably be back.

Shake Out, Takapuna
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The Goodside, 72 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland
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Shake Out, Takapuna