Heritage Byways – Goldfields Magic Escorted Tour

Stories, places discovered, explored and it’s not a boring class exercise. Hidden quiet corners waiting to tell the story of Aotearoa NZ’s gold mining frenzy. Side roads to the past where we find out about the lives of individuals willing to risk all for the lure of gold. We promise no homework, just fun exploring a heritage story. Heritage byways is a magical journey for anyone who wants to find out more.

The hint of ruins, the shaft of light down a gloomy tunnel, the slowly rusting nineteenth century equipment next to an orchard brimming with delicious produce. There is laughter as we imagine ourselves in the straitjacket of Victorian clothing and a chance to journey down the rivers where gold was struck.

Start: Dunedin
Finish: Dunedin

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10 Golden Arches Place Wiri, Wiri, Manukau, Auckland
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Heritage Byways – Goldfields Magic Escorted Tour