Enjoy the flavours of the season! 

From mulled wine to Belgian hot chocolate, these wintery drinks are bound to get your taste buds going. Gather your friends, whānau, and colleagues to warm up with one of these taste sensations. 

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Coffee in an edible cup at Ahipao

Have you ever wanted to eat your cup?? Well, we haven’t either… but now you can! Ahipao is the only cafe on Waiheke Island serving take away coffee and hot chocolate in an edible cup. They are not just edible, these vanilla-flavoured biscuit cups are delicious and quite filling!  

Hot chocolate at Majestic Tea Bar

Winter is the season for hot cocoa and there are many ways to enjoy the decadent drink. Majestic Tea Bar’s hot chocolate range is extensive and made with real Belgian chocolate. You can choose milk, dark or white chocolate, or a variety of other flavours. It will be served with chocolate shavings on top and in their signature crockery that is super cute! Could it get any better than that? 

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Moon Milk at Ritual Yoga & Cafe on Waiheke Island

One incredible winter drink that they offer at Ritual Yoga & Café is called Moon Milk. Perfect for the season, this blend is made of ginger, ashwagandha, turmeric, cardamom and other spices and is delicious and comforting. Better yet, it will also bolster your immune system! with its anti-inflammatory properties and support for your adrenals – a perfect winter warmer. 

Espresso Martini at MOGLY Bar & Eatery in Ormiston Town Centre

Sometimes, you just want a classic. This Espresso Martini from Mogly Bar & Eatery is the ultimate nightcap. It combines three ingredients: vanilla vodka, espresso and Kahlúa. Classic flavours for a winter's night out. 

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Ximinez Martini at Carmen Jones

Ease into the weekend with this delicious cocktail inspired by the tapas bars of Andalucia, in southern Spain. Enjoy the drink under the flicker of winter firelight, at Carmen Jones in Karangahape Road. This cocktail is made with vintage Pedro Ximinez sherry, vermouth, orange bitters, and a toasted almond stuffed olive. It tastes as good as it sounds! 

Cocktail N60 at Captain’s Bar - Park Hyatt

This cocktail is a great winter treat that combines intense chocolate flavour with notes of rum spices, hints of hazelnut, and banana foam to tie it all together. The foam has a light texture and adds a sweet layer of creamy brightness. Sit by the fireplace in Captain’s Bar and enjoy this delicious cocktail that will bring your tastebuds to life. 

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Hot buttered applejack cocktail at Caretaker

Celebrating something special this winter? Try an extra special cocktail at Caretaker, that is sure to impress. This hot buttered applejack cocktail made with NZ Elsewhen Applejack is a perfect winter warmer and utterly delicious.  

Mulled wine at Coco’s Cantina

Now that the chilly nights are rolling in, Coco’s Cantina is bringing back their famous mulled wine to the menu. There is nothing better than a hot red wine brewed with rum, Campari and a secret spice mix - the perfect remedy to a chilly evening. 

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Irish coffee at Parasol & Swing

Irish coffee is a staple, delicious year-round drink but especially welcome on chilly winter days. Parasol & Swing is serving its own version, with a twist you should definitely try.  

Volcano hot chocolate from Honest Chocolat

Chocolate lovers will die for this Volcano hot chocolate made with smoked 70% organic dark chocolate. Sit at the bar and pour your hot chocolate over a chocolate dome to reveal a torched cognac marshmallow – a delight for the eyes and palates.