Destination AKL 2025 is a unifying vision for Auckland’s visitor economy, providing direction, leadership and guardianship for the region as the gateway to New Zealand and as a stand-alone visitor destination.

Destination AKL 2025

A new direction for Auckland’s visitor economy

Our vision

Destination AKL 2025 sets a new direction for Auckland’s visitor economy – a vision for a more sustainable future for Auckland. It is the outcome of a process initiated by Auckland Tourism, Events, & Economic Development (ATEED) and guided by an industry leadership group.



Auckland's visitor economy is thriving.

Our region now welcomes more than 2.6 million international visitors each year and nearly as many domestic visitors. While they are here, our visitors spend more than $8 billion annually. Hover over the infographic below to see how much Auckland's visitor economy is predicted to grow to by 2025*.


Ensuring Auckland is a great place to live, work and visit

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