CINZ Meetings 2020

From 22-23 April the largest national business events tradeshow, CINZ Meetings 2020, is being held at ASB Showgrounds and we are excited to be showcasing our Auckland stand partners who will be exhibiting with us on the Auckland Regional Stand. Every buyer who attends the show is invited to our dedicated lounge space where you will have the chance to immerse yourself in Auckland.

In addition – ACB will also be hosting a dedicated Auckland Showcase famil day on Tuesday 21 April for all registered Hosted Buyers. This annual famil day is one not to miss – if you would like to attend but are unsure whether you are registered get in touch with us


Discover Auckland on our bespoke ACB Famil 

Our ACB team will be hosting a dedicated Auckland famil programme for business event organisers based in Wellington and Christchurch in June 2020. With so much exciting development happening in Auckland there’s never been a better time to uncover what our incredible city has to offer.

If you’re based in Wellington or Christchurch and are keen to discover the best of Auckland for business events, get in touch with our team today to express your interest.

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Auckland on show at AIME 2020

Anne-Sophie and Edwina, our Australian-based team enjoyed seeing many of you at the AIME 2020 exhibition held this month in Melbourne. Together, alongside Amy Griffith from the ACB Auckland office, they spent two days updating our clients on the latest in Auckland with our fellow partners, Auckland Conventions Venues and Events, Cordis, Auckland, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC), and Sudima Hotels who were all at the show. Around 140 attendees also attended the Tourism New Zealand breakfast event as part of AIME 2020 which featured entrepreneur's 'For The Better Good' who resided in Auckland's innovation precinct, GridAKL.

If you’re based in Australia and missed seeing the team, please feel free to reach out to Anne-Sophie and Edwina who travel regularly throughout Australia and would be delighted to catch up with you.

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