New Zealand’s human performance sector - estimated to be worth at least $150 million per year - is vibrant, innovative and has considerable capability. However there’s still a long way to go for the sector to be on par with other New Zealand industries competing on the world stage.

Globally the sector is growing rapidly and there is an opportunity for New Zealand to better leverage its capability, for substantial economic and financial benefit and for wider societal health and wellbeing. As such, it is estimated that the NZ sector could be worth up to $2.9 billion in 10 years’ time.

ATEED together with AUT, AUT Millennium, HPSNZ and Callaghan Innovation have recognised that to capitalise on this opportunity the industry needs to work together to realise  the growth potential in the human performance sector. These organisations have been working together on a project to develop a Human Performance Innovation Centre in Auckland.

Consultation with industry has identified a need for an overarching strategy and leadership group for the Human Performance sector. This will assist in lifting the profile of and driving forward existing initiatives and giving strategic direction and advocacy for new projects such as the creation of a Human Performance Innovation Centre (HPIC).   

In respect of a physical presence for the sector, the business case strongly supports the development of a centre within the AUT Millennium precinct in Auckland’s North Shore.  The case proposes two phases of development for the centre – an establishment phase and an expansion phase. The partners welcome any interested parties to contact one of the project team members to talk about how they can be involved.

HPIC Project Team Members HPIC Steering Group Members
Mike Stanley, AUT Millennium Mike Stanley, AUT Millenium
Rosanne Ellis, Gary Putt, AUT Rosanne Ellis, AUT
Bridget Davey, ATEED Pam Ford, ATEED
Simon Yarrow, Callaghan Innovation Simon Yarrow, Callaghan Innovation
Stafford Murray, High Performance Sport New Zealand Peter Pfitzinger, High Performance Sport New Zealand