Auckland is New Zealand's economic powerhouse, contributing 38% of the nation's GDP – an innovative, globally connected city in a country ranked first in the world for ease of doing business.


A look at the Auckland economy

Access insights and data on Auckland’s economy through the Auckland Growth Monitor and the Auckland Index. These complementary tools provide up-to-date information across a broad range of economic areas, from business innovation to GDP and population growth.

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Auckland Growth Monitor

Get insights into Auckland's sectors of competitiveness, key regional economic trends, and how Auckland ranks on the global stage. The Auckland Growth Monitor is updated annually and provides an in-depth analysis of the previous 12 months.

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Auckland Index

This interactive tool gives you access to the most up-to-date Auckland data, which can be personalised and shared online. The Auckland Index is updated quarterly.

Explore the Auckland Index


Explore the Auckland Index

An interactive, data-driven look into what makes our economy tick, and the Auckland of the future.

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