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Butchery Bites and Craft Beer

Take a tasty guided lesson with Hannah Miller Childs - A Lady Butcher - and the team at Behemoth Brewing, who together will create a dinner you’ll relish.

Join the artisan butcher and dedicated brewer beneath the shadow of the brewery's inner workings, where the talented twosome will share their expertise. 

Learn about the differences between a lager and an IPA,  while Hannah will slice a leg of prosciutto right before your eyes and, because of their nose-to-tail ethos, nothing will go to waste. 

With each phase of the butchery demonstration, guests will be served a range of succulent flavoursome morsels prepared before their very eyes and matched with the perfect beer. 

This interactive dining experience will start with the head and shoulder, then progress to the loin, the belly and the leg, and you’ll learn about the reasons for the various pairings until, eventually, dessert will be served. 

This promises to be a novel culinary adventure where beer is elevated to new heights and butchery is exposed as the art form it truly is.  

Let’s meat at your hoppy place!

Ngā Rā
Te Wā
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Te Utu
Te Wāhi
Churly's Brewpub & Eatery
1a Charles St Mt Eden. (Parking @ Target Furniture) 
Whakapā Mai
Huarahi Ngāwari