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SOLD OUT - Butchery & Beer Progressive Dinner

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to prepare a pig, and who hasn’t, set a course for Churly's Brewpub & Eatery in Mt Eden where the mysterious business of butchery will be revealed. Find out which bits are good for slow-cooking and which should be served pink. And find out if there is more to pork than a good old roast (spoiler alert: the answer is most definitely yes).

Take a tasty, guided lesson with Hannah Miller Childs - A Lady Butcher - and the team at Behemoth Brewing who together will create a dinner you’ll relish.

Sit beside the brewery’s workings, as they share their hoppy expertise; what the differences are between a lager and an IPA while Hannah seam-cuts part of a pig right before your very eyes. And their nose-to-tail ethos means nothing is left to waste, so with each phase of the demonstration, a course of the succulent flavoursome meal (complete with matching beer) will be placed before you. From the head to shoulder, to loin, belly, then leg, this is a truly progressive dinner.

The talented team will then discuss the reasons for the various pairings as they lead you through your meal until finally, dessert is served.

A fascinating interactive dining experience that is both a feast for the palette and a novel culinary adventure where beer is elevated to new heights in diners’ eyes and butchery is exposed as the art form it truly is.

Sold out
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Churly's Brewpub & Eatery
1A Charles Street, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024
(09) 2183521