Urban, inclusive and diverse, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland is an innovation hub of Asia-Pacific and the economic centre of New Zealand.

Auckland is the powerhouse of New Zealand’s economy, a multinational headquarters location that attracts serious capital and a variety of progressive local and international companies. Founded on a dynamic Māori culture, the city is now home to over a third of New Zealand’s population and generates nearly 40 per cent of the country’s GDP. Auckland has become a major skills, production, and research and development hub for Asia-Pacific. 

Blending sophisticated urban living with extraordinary natural beauty, it’s no surprise the Auckland lifestyle entices top talent. Confident, optimistic and growing at pace, Auckland is being managed sustainably for the long term to benefit both current and future generations.


Opportunities in a fast-growing economy

Having seen four per cent GDP growth each year for the last five years, Auckland is thriving. The city is transforming itself from the inside out with some of the largest infrastructure projects in New Zealand’s history. This strong platform provides both multinationals headquartered here and newly established businesses with an ideal entry point to the whole New Zealand market. 

Strategically located for Asia-Pacific

Asia will shape global trade and investment flows for years to come, and Auckland is in a strategic location to reach these markets. Exciting opportunities to serve both Asia-Pacific and Western economies are plentiful thanks to our 10 Free Trade Agreements and full and free access to Australia. 

Connected to the world

State-of-the-art digital infrastructure has led to a thriving technology, film and television sector here. Our business hours are complementary to key regional markets, and multinational companies with an Auckland branch can operate around the clock to serve markets in Europe, Britain and the US east coast. With the country’s largest airport, seaport and freight operations, Auckland is also the prime logistics hub in and out of New Zealand.

An easy place to do business 

New Zealand ranks first in the world for ease of doing business, according to the World Bank. In this business-friendly and stable political environment, you will find a safe place to invest, with strong legal systems and protection for your intellectual property.

A culture of innovation

Our innovation pedigree runs deep, drawing on the inventiveness and self-sufficiency of our ancestors. In today’s connected, digital world, Aucklanders are driven to compete and partner with the very best. Over 170 R&D institutes operate here, powered by an agile and tech-savvy population. With a high density of serial entrepreneurs, Auckland has velocity and an international reputation for success. Some say that our independence and pro-business policies create an edge to experiment in ways that no one else can.

A skilled and stable workforce

With an urban and natural environment like no other, Auckland is the preferred destination for most immigrants to New Zealand, making it easy for businesses to attract top talent. We have a very stable workforce who love Auckland for its easy lifestyle and as a great place to raise a family. With internationally competitive wage rates, and over 220 ethnicities, Auckland businesses have a competitive advantage.


Ideas are the new currency and there is no shortage of great ideas and great people here in Auckland.

Andy Routley
Managing Director, DB Breweries



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