Building and Infrastructure

Project size 

Whenuapai - NZ$326 million
Devonport - NZ$233 million
Papakura - NZ$94.5 million

Looking for 

New constructors and building material suppliers to complete these projects.



New Zealand Defense Force is spending $653 million over the next three years on a regeneration and refresh plan for its camps and bases in the Auckland region. Over the next two decades the New Zealand Defence Force is undertaking a regeneration project like no other in New Zealand, with the biggest ever renewal of their New Zealand Defence Force camps and bases now underway.

To be the best they can be they need the right tools for the job – and that includes their infrastructure buildings and facilities.


Access to NZDF sites and buildings may be controlled by security guards and/or barrier gates. Each site or building has its own security requirements that you will need to adhere to if you will be working there. You may require an access pass and have to sign in and out of the site or building. Or you may be required to be escorted on and off the site. Security guards mayalso conduct random checks of access passes or vehicles.

Obtaining a National Security Clearance

The vetting process for all National Security Clearances required by government agencies is carried out by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS). NZDF does not control or affect this process. The time the vetting process takes depends on a range of factors, but it may take some months. This needs to be factored in when planning your work with NZDF. Your contract with NZDF can likely start without your staff having received clearance, but they will not be able to access classified information or secure sites without having received the level of clearance required to do so. To be eligible for a National Security Clearance, you usually need to be a New Zealand citizen or be an Australian, Canadian, British or American citizen who holds a Residence Class Visa for a certain length of time. That means that any of your employees who are not New Zealand citizens may not be eligible to be security-cleared, which may affect your eligibility to contract with NZDF. Each person applying for National Security Clearance will need to complete an online questionnaire about their personal and professional life. The level of detail needed will depend on the level of security clearance – the higher the clearance, the more detail needed.Your employees will be asked to provide information about their previous residences, employment, travel, current and past relationships and extended family. They will also be asked to provide personal and professional referees, who will be sent an online questionnaire to fill in. For the higher clearance levels, they may also be interviewed.


Invest Auckland Specialist

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