NZMA Beekeeping Experience Centre, Redvale

Located on Auckland's North Shore, just 30 minutes from the City Centre, the NZMA Beekeeping Experience Centre offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience beekeeping, learn how a beehive works and taste honey fresh off the hive.

Globally New Zealand is known as the "land of milk and honey" and beekeeping is a key industry for the country. New Zealand Manuka Honey is world famous for its healing properties.

Visitors to the Centre are fitted in a beekeeping suit and full protective gear. This is a hands-on experience and our beekeepers will guide you through what beekeeping involves, how a beehive works, and the other amazing bee products that can be made with the help of bees.

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1938 East Coast Road, Redvale, Silverdale, North Shore, Auckland
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NZMA Beekeeping Experience Centre, Redvale