NZ Sidecar Tours, Devonport

This authentic tour business takes passengers to little-known pockets of Auckland in New Zealand’s only two-person commercially touring sidecar and late-model Royal Enfield. "For some, this is a chance to happily tick an item off the bucket list, while for others, it brings a sense of nostalgia", says Trained Motorcycle instructor, and owner Damian.

“Auckland has a lot of hidden gems and our tours seek to capture spots that are not widely known. What better way for locals and visitors to discover these than via this unique mode of transport that avoids the hustle and bustle of the motorway. The sidecar was commonplace before the motorway was built. We deliver an experience that captures this bygone era.”

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PO Bo 32 598 Devonport, Devonport, Auckland
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NZ Sidecar Tours, Devonport