Rum School

Formulate, distil and take home your own botanical (or spiced) rum at New Zealand’s first Rum School.

- Full instruction & equipment
- Base rum & botanicals
- lunch
- Rum tasting
- 700ml bottle of your rum to take home

Duration: expect 3 hours

Enrol for Rum School and learn a whole lot about rum including how to formulate and distil your own unique botanical rum.

Under the guidance of Soren Crabb, 1919 Head Distiller you’ll learn how to create your recipe and distil it. He’ll also give you an overview of how to ferment your own rum at home. Lunch, rum tasting and a 700ml bottle of your rum is also included.

LEARN about the most common botanicals used in botanical rum and the fundamentals of creating a balanced flavour profile.

FORMULATE Choose the flavours you want to capture and with our guidance create your own unique recipe.

DISTIL Measure your ingredients, fill your still with your chosen botanicals and fire her up. Enjoy a delicious lunch and rum tasting while your creation distils.

TAKE HOME once your rum’s distilled and finished, fill your 700ml bottle to take home. There’ll also be time to taste and compare notes with your classmates before heading home.

d:STIL Project, Coatesville, Auckland
2022-02-05 11:00:00 - 2022-02-05 14:00:00
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Rum School