Elim Car Boot Sale

'Elim Car Boot Sale' is back on the 29th of August. The best place to be, will have loads of great stuff, bargains and great food.

You'll see all the same faces and smiles meeting and greeting you as you come in our gates
We are aware that many of you maybe a bit nervous 'bout coming out but please be reassured that we will do our very best to make sure you feel as safe as you possibly can with us. Our team will have hand sanitizers available in need
The only thing we ask, if you are feeling really sick, please stay wrapped up warm and cozy at home and get better. Please stay home, appreciation in advance

We promote kind, caring and positive behaviour which is important in how we treat our customers and each other

Elim Car Boot Sale is always on the last Saturday of every month except for December which will be earlier on the 12th of Dec due to festive season. Some months have 5 Saturdays in it, we are always on the last of that month.

If ANZAC day clashes with our event, we will be closed for that month.

We have yum hot food, sausage sizzle, hot drinks in our foodcourt area. Our great music brings a fun-filled vibe for all to enjoy.

Things You May Need to Know:
Goods which are 'strictly' not allowed:
- Tobacco products include e-cigs and liquids
- Alcohol includes miniatures
- Drugs and medication includes legal
- Counterfeit or copied goods includes DVDs, video games
- Fireworks of any description
- Flammable liquids includes gas bottles and canisters
- Offensive content includes pornographic and violent DVDs, pictures, posters and magazines
- Weapons includes crossbows, hunting knives, rifles
All these items, please keep at home

Elim is responsible for the health and safety to all who enters onto our property
Elim holds NO responsibility for damages, loss or theft to private property
Elim holds NO responsibility for any conflict that may arise due to any sale of property except for food and drinks
We strive to eliminate these risks by providing information and support as much as we can

Sellers Responsibilities:
Due to Covid19, please bring own Hand Sanitizers and Surface Sanitizers for regularly use. (Only these kills both virus and bacteria)
- For all sales, personal conduct and own property whilst onsite
- Disposal of own rubbish and litter
- Ensure all goods are cleaned and in good selling condition. No damage, rips or stains
- Ensure all electrical appliances work
- Ensure all goods come complete with its accessories needed to fully function such as remotes for DVD player, accessories for food processors, correct plug-in cords etc
- Ensure all cases have the correct DVD, games and cd inside
- Must complete a Food Registration form before selling food
- Must be there by 6.30am to set up ready to go by 8am. Gates open 5.30am.
- Must stay until closing at 11am. If you must go sooner, you need to let us know first
- Bring a large float of coins and $5 notes
Enjoy and have fun!!!

Food Stallholder:
Food registrations forms at the Elim Christian Centre at our Manurewa location
Follow what's on your form
Must have own gazebo and table

- Cost: $5 a space
- Hours: 8am - 11am
- Space: It's first-in-basis, no bookings needed except if you are selling food, then you must book
- You can have 2 or more spaces but you must block these off yourself
- Cancellations: We never do. Rain, hail or storm, we're still on
- Smoking: Not allowed, smoke free zone onsite
- Parking: We have parking on site for those with 'Special Needs'. Ample parks on street or in our adjacent area directed by signs or on Sykes Rd
Please do not park at the Cozzy Club if you are not a member
- Contact Mal on 02102416617 or Tony 0225434734 or ECC (09) 2680745 ask for Manurewa reception for any queries
Facebook: For updates and info, please go onto 'Elim Car Boot Sale South'
'KeepSmilez' 'HavaAHappyHeart' from your Elim Car Boot Team

Elim Christian Centre, Clendon, Auckland
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All Ages
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Elim Car Boot Sale

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