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2 years ago

I had a pepper steak pie from here last week.  The pastry was good and it didn't fall apart at all.  The meat was very good.  The filling was good.  Overall flavour was very good.  A solid all-round pie.  The pepper really stood out, because unlike most pepper steak pies this one had loads of pepper.  This was my first visit to this bakery and I will be happy to go back.

3 years ago

some of the best pies you will have, mince and cheese is good, and the spinach feta and chicken is good too,  their carrot cakes and banana cake single serves are realllly good

3 years ago

Not a bad experience with this bakery, the pastry on the mince and cheese pie I had was lovely. Wasn’t much of a selection though so nothing else really tickled my fancy. My partner purchased a chicken roll and was surprised to find cheese in it which was nice. The chicken wasn’t dry so you could tell it hadn’t been left out, with the perfect amount of mayonnaise-he thoroughly enjoyed his roll! May be back in future!

Forrest Hill Bakery, Forrest Hill
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5/16 Raines Avenue, Forrest Hill, Auckland
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Forrest Hill Bakery, Forrest Hill