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2 years ago

Love eating at Sammy's place. Nothing better than a 3 wolves beer and a delicious Sammy's sandwich, makes it sweeter when you are banned from the cas!

4 years ago

Had a late lunch today decided go to sammys @ sky city... have been here a few times before but not for over a year the food standard pub grub" it is what it is" order your food @ the bar and they page you to pick up your food from the food station when its ready..self recommend the flapjacks( pan cakes) from this place....

4 years ago

Got one of those voucher things from being a Sky City member. Decided to use these vouchers for once. Came here and didn't know where it was inside the sky tower, had to ask a staff member there. Service there wasn't great. They didn't let you know where to collect the food after you paid. They give you one of those buzzer things to collect once the food is ready. When our buzzer went off, didn't realise there was a "pick up" area and went to the counter. The guy literally just looked at me, continued wiping [wine] glasses and didn't even bother asking if I was ok or after anything. Rude. My partner had to yell out from our table to let me know to go over where the "pick up station" was cos he only just saw it himself when he saw the "service" I got at the counter. Got the Philly cheese steak sandwich with the voucher. Looked great and very inviting. Loved the onion rings and the sandwich itself was amazing. Was pretty filling. Would probably only come back if I was super hungry and happen to walk past this place. Otherwise, na. Not paying for rude service. Rating would be much lower if the food wasn't good.

Sammy's Lounge, Auckland CBD
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SKYCITY, Corner Federal and Victoria Streets Federal Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
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Sammy's Lounge, Auckland CBD