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1 week ago

Have tried eating here 2 times now and both times we came it was too busy and we couldn't get a seat. Third time lucky we finally got to eat here. My Mum & I got the avo on toast and were a bit disappointed. The bread is black - charcoal infused, which tastes weird and is unnecessary and its also not toasted and the avocado makes the bread soggy. All the other ingredients on top are just unnecessary and don't add any flavour. Presentation was pretty though. The cabinet food looks so good so we tried a slice and a cake and they were quite nice but the menu food isn't that pleasant. Think the cafe is over hyped. Most likely won't be back.

1 week ago

Had heard good things but sadly was disappointed. Very bland and dry. Pakoras were the best part but the rest was nothing to write home about. Service was also super slow even though it was very early and there we’re only a couple of other tables there. Good location and parking and kid friendly however so would potentially come back and try something else.

1 month ago

Had beautiful coffee and a lovely welcome from all the well presented food. Awesome coffee and a bright atmosphere within the cafe. They also had cabinet food and desserts to choose from. Very friendly customer service, had allocated parking for the customers. Has inside and outside areas to enjoy the meals. Recommended :)

Major Tom, Rosedale
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87 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland
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Major Tom, Rosedale