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4 years ago

Neighborhood café for the residents of Orakei, had a nice coffee while enjoying a run around the Orakei neighborhood. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to try the food but judging by how quickly the table in front of me was chomping down the food, it must be pretty good. Definitely got to make time to come back and try some meals. Showstopper: Great coffee and friendly staff. Overall Grade: B+

5 years ago

Went to visit my mate again who lives in the area some time ago. It was like forever since I last saw him (actually it was 3 weeks ago). And what better to get some Chorizo Hash, one of my favourite sausages blended with some awesome hollandaise sauce? Now that is food where you would have to buy seconds because they were that good.  The staff there are so friendly and kind and the waiting time wasn't even that long to say the least. What can I say? a great place within a great location. The place has that 'very busy' vibe although the cafe wasn't that busy at the time I was there. But in overall this is the time of cafe I would definitely come back to. Upon writing this review I can't stop thinking about Chorizo and Hollandaise sauce, sooooo good.

5 years ago

Local favourite...great coffee and awesome food especially for brunch. They also do great homemade frozen meals if you don't feel like cooking one night.

Sebastian's Boutique Cafe & Catering, Orakei
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62 Coates Avenue, Orakei, Auckland
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Sebastian's Boutique Cafe & Catering, Orakei