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9 months ago

Homely setup with wooden accents in the seating area, and seats with cushioning adding to the cosiness. We ordered one small and two large plates. Small plate was the prawn and okra hush puppies. It was much softer than I anticipated but the prawn, okra and batter worked well together, meshing into one another and delivered a firm component. The dressing was a great accompaniment really providing the flavor, but even without it, it was reasonably seasoned, slightly spicy, and best enjoyed hot. It’s not something I’d reach for again as the batter mount was a little more overpowering than the prawn and okra. 3.5/5 Large plates were the smoked beef cheek and while yellow belly flounder. The beef cheek was very tender, super easy to chew and extremely smokey with sweet notes infused to calm the smokiness. It was cooked very nicely. It also had a side of crunchy, buttery kale which had a velvety taste (so good!) but the wet kale (from the mash) was a bit less appetizing. The potato mash was light and smooth, not too salty and complimented the smokey beef very well. It was the right consistency-not thick or watery. 4/5 The whole yellow belly flounder was beautifully presented. My first bite was of a grape and boy was it BUTTERY. Who knew buttery grapes would be so delicious with its tang mixed with salty butter? The fish was lightly salted, soft and tender with a crunchy skin, but definitely grateful for the lemons on the side-the tang made it better, otherwise it did get a bit dull and plain. The almonds were a fantastic touch, they were thin slices that added crunch and texture to the meal, a very good addition! 4/5 Overall, this is a nice place to catch up with friends but I didn’t feel super welcomed by staff, and if it wasn’t for the first table booking, the food wouldn’t quite have been as worth.

9 months ago

I’ve been here a couple of times- most recently for an event, in which Gareth Stewart was cooking - needless to say, it was DELICIOUS. The time before that was the unlimited ribs- to which they had run out, so we didn’t get any ribs... The time prior to that was a dinner with friends, it has great views, but the food is perhaps a 7/10..... Not overly impressed, but not dissatisfied either The donut dessert pictured was from the event, and Omigod it was amaze

10 months ago

Came here to celebrate a birthday! Especially worth it if you come using first tables (although a big portion of the menu is excluded). If you want to bring your own cake it’s also an extra $25 dollars to cut the cake! The vibes of the restaurant were nice, with a lovely view of the wharf. It does get chilly at night, so remember to bring a warm jacket or something to cover up! The food itself was amazing! I highly recommend the beef brisket and the fried chicken (especially when you dip it in the rib sauce). Personally found the corn dogs a little confusing cause they were savoury but it also tasted like there was chocolate sauce on the top as well (?) The donuts were fun to play with (and very hard to inject without making a big mess) and is a fun dessert. The service was a little lacking - it wasn’t extremely busy but the waitress seemed quite cold. She did what she was supposed to but just not super friendly. Food: 4.5/5 Service: 3/5 Ambience: 4/5

The Culpeper, Auckland CBD
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Shed 22, 147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Princes Wharf, Auckland 1010
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The Culpeper, Auckland CBD