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3 months ago

The worst restaurant ever, the dish has no taste at all. The fish is not fresh and the head looks horrible! The staff refuse to do anything, instead she asked my what sause should they put in. Ridiculous! The menu price is $38 and when we decide to order, the waiter told me it is $40, they forgot the change the price. I was like WHAT?? OKAY!! But at least something eatable! Please DO NOT come to this rubbish place.

4 months ago

Cheap and delicious! Lots of options on their menu, menu is in both chinese and english. Shredded pork dish with their homemade pancake wrap is very good (though wouldve liked to see more spring onion under the pork), its like peking duck but with pork. Pumpkin pancakes are soft, chewy, laced with coconut and not too sweet. Egg yolk fried shrimp was good but a little bland, it wasnt addicting like some others that ive tried. Friendly service, highly recommend to come in group so everyone can share and try a bunch of their dishes

4 months ago

This place took over one of my favourite restaurants in the area, Hong Kong Cafe. Its been there for a while but only recently tried it. The menu is decently sized with lots of interesting dishes. Tried the shredded pork with sweet bean and the salted egg prawns. I thought that the flavour of both were a bit lacking. Right flavours but just didn't have the same punch as other places. The shredded pork dish also came with wrappers which was nice. Not a bad option if you are in the area.

Friends' Restaurant 老友餐厅, Somerville
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Somerville Shopping Court, E11, 119 Meadowland Drive, Somerville, Auckland
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Friends' Restaurant 老友餐厅, Somerville