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2 years ago

The beef is great, lamb is good as well, one of the best hotpot place in AKL. As a hotpot lover, eating here is really satisfying. Skewers are also good! Staffs are kind and nice. Would love to recommend to all my friends.

3 years ago

Clean and tidy environment. It’s nice that they give you an option of big hot pot and small hot pot so that everyone can pick the soup they like. Really good when dining with large groups, for hygiene reasons, too. The lamb skewers are must try, juicy and flavourful! Strongly recommend. We ordered the signature beef, i forgot which part of the cow it was. It was cut in a thicker style comparing to other places. I really liked the texture of the beef. Sesame biscuit was really dry, would not recommend these. Price though, is above average. I would say you would need to spend at least $80 pp. service was attentive, too attentive sometimes. They kept wanting to take my “cow” away even though I haven’t finish the meat yet.😂

3 years ago

This place served really yummy BBQ LAMB SKEWERS!!! Make sure you try it out!!! Love their hot pot very much too, the lamb and beef are extremely fresh and for the meat you get to choose your fav part of lamb!

Little Lamb 小尾羊, Ellerslie
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2E Robert Street, Ellerslie, Auckland
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Little Lamb 小尾羊, Ellerslie