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1 month ago

Super friendly and professional service, I received a great explanation about the concept and the ingredients. The Tamaki was just as described: crunchy nori (now chewy, yay), fresh and good quality ingredients. The menu is very interesting so I hope to come back and try different things.

2 months ago

Went to Temakeria for lunch recently. Firstly I was greeted by a warm and friendly server who took time to walk us through the menu and advise what he recommended. The food came promptly and roughly at the same time. We ordered the fried chicken, spicy sea tacos and, three different versions of temakis. Each dish was flavourful and delicious. I highly recommend the spicy sea tacos as it was packed full of fresh ingredients and the hit of the spice really brought together the dish. Ultimately I recommend that you go and try it out. The menu is unique and full of exciting dishes although I recommend this place for lunch as the menu suits that meal best. The atmosphere of the restaurant is clean and overall the design is amazing.

3 months ago

They have quite a lot of interesting items on their menu so grabbed a few things to share. The temaco was quite interesting, nori shell filled with spicy seafood. Nice flavours but quite small. The temakis (large cone-shaped sushi) are also quite nice and the sizing isn't too bad. We tried the soft shell crab and the spicy salmon and both were tasty. The dumplings were ok but it was weird that there was one with a prawn tail coming out of it while the other three didn't. Also tried the Karaage donburi. The chicken was nice but I didn't like the sauce that much since it had an almost bitter taste. The food is quite nice but depending on how hungry you are it could add up quite fast. Between two people we had 2 temakis, 1 donburi, the temaco, and the dumplings and I was still kinda peckish afterwards. They have a large table up front but there were a few tables by the kitchen. We grabbed a seat and once ready went up to the counter to order.

Temakeria, Mission Bay
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Eastridge Shopping Centre - The Eatery, 215 Kepa Road, Mission Bay, Auckland
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Temakeria, Mission Bay