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1 year ago

Toto’s totally terrific Pizza, Pizza by the metre, not just a gimmick, we tried the Salsiccia Pizza, which was topped with Italian pork & fennel sausage, Italian turnip tops, smoked mozzarella and fresh chilli peppers. A taste sensation, perfectly balanced with intricate smoky flavours that tantalise the taste buds. We were gushing with delight with every mouthful. The pizza base is hands down the best I’ve tried! It’s more like a puff pastry with delicate layers that we were more than happy just to eat on it's own dipped in olive oil. Toto’s totally 5 Stars, dine in for the best pizza experience!

1 year ago

I got Toto’s to cater at my 21st and it was a definite crowd pleaser! Its really nice that you can mix the flavours and add on other toppings to the pizzas if you want to as well! The Parma is a classic pizza and generally tastes pretty good even after its gone a little bit cold!  We got Toto’s catered at an event we had a few weeks ago, and the pizzas were still just as good as I remember! We got a vegetarian pizza which was customised with mozzarella, feta and pine nuts and it was the absolute best! we also ordered the Diva which was too salty - a few of us agreed on this. The vegan pizza was nice too (a lot of veggies), but hands down the best was the cheese pizza. Highly recommend to get them if you ever have a party or an event because its much easier than ordering lots of little pizzas and its so much more impressive to bring out the metre long pizza too!

2 years ago

This is hands down my favourite pizza place. I have been there a number of times now (both in the old building and now this smaller, newer one) and thankfully the pizza remains excellent every time. The new establishment leans more towards takeaway rather than dining in. But this doesn’t stop my family from ordering one metre of the Margherita and one metre of the Bosciaola every time we go. The difference between Toto’s Pizza and your average pizza joint is the base. The base isn’t the crunchy kind, but rather resembles soft bread dough. It is light and delicious. The Bosciaola is a treat- the combination of the spinach, mushrooms, pinenuts and truffle oil makes for a cosmic experience in every bite. Arguably, the best part is that it tastes just as good for left overs the next day. I find myself craving Toto’s Pizza- and in fact it’s one of the only thing I can eat a lot of.

Toto Pizza, Auckland CBD
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Toto Pizza, Auckland CBD